The Best Nursing Schools in West Virginia

West Virginia is one of those states experiencing a shortage in the nursing profession. However the good thing is that the shortage in this state is not as bad as the ones happening in other states. The best thing for West Virginia state officials to do is to address this problem right now before it becomes bigger. The main reason for this happening is the ever changing demographics of the people living in the state who have been getting older.

The U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics came out with a report that the state will experiencing a deficit of about 19 percent in the nursing profession come year 2020. The number is based on the current number of the workforce and could immediately grow if nothing is done immediately. A good number of nurses are getting older by the day but the problem is compounded by the fact that these nurses, instead of retiring, decided to work because of the economic situation a few years back. However, now that the crisis is over, a lot of these nurses are set to retire any time.

The most affected area of the nursing industry is the Nursing Educators segment. The fact is that the state only has 7 nursing schools affiliated with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and turned away about 274 applicants who have actually fulfilled their requirements. Among the 2,400 plus nursing students enrolled, only a handful of these are studying in an advanced nursing degree. This means that more nursing applicants might be turned away due to the lack of nurse educators to replace retiring nursing faculty.


  1. West Virginia University

West Virginia University or WVU School of Nursing is the place where nursing courses are offered in innovative ways. These are in the form of Bachelors Degrees, Master and Doctoral Degrees.

The school is manned by the best nursing educators who are experts in research that can be applied in nursing care programs for community services, as well as promoting health care in schools and are proven leaders when applying the needs of the workforce.

The main goal of the WVU School of Nursing is to provide the best nursing care that they can. This would result into a better and healthier way of life for their patients.

They intend to achieve their goals by means of improving the health of people living in West Virginia. Another way of achieving this is to provide the best nursing education for their nursing students. They also train their nursing student to be compassionate toward their patients.

The mission of the WVU School of Nursing is to lead in improving health in West Virginia and the broader society through excellence in student-centered educational programs, research and scholarship, the compassionate practice of nursing and service to the public and the profession.

The training nursing students receive from the West Virginia University School of Nursing is heavily based on Activeness, Excellence and Dignity. The three values together with their goals have produced a strong curriculum for the School and have produced some of the best nurses in the country.

Medical Center Dr, Morgantown, WV 26505


  1. Marshall University

The Marshall University School of Nursing is one of the best nursing schools in the state. It is actually the regions’ largest nursing school set inside a University. This only means that it has all the connections to resources the nursing students and faculty members would need. Two campuses provide courses in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. These are in Point Pleasant and Huntington. The school offers Registered Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing courses that can be taken through the internet. These courses can be taken by those who have graduated from an Associate or Diploma course in Nursing. The Masters’ course in Family Nurse Practitioner can be viewed in the cities of South Charleston, Point Pleasant, Bluefield and Beckley. MSN courses in Nursing Education and Nursing Administration are also being offered. Other courses that are offered are Nurse Midwifery and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner which are offered in Shenandoah University School of Nursing in Winchester, Virginia.

The School boast of a long success rate regarding Family Nurse Practitioner Certification and Registered Nurse licensing exam. The main reason for this success is that the nursing students are trained hard and well educated by the nursing faculty of the school who all have so much experience in nursing care and nursing care education. The school offers classroom type lectures and the handling of the latest nursing and medical equipment in a laboratory setting. Even the courses through the internet are top notch.

The best thing about the School of Nursing of Marshall University is that it the demands of the nursing profession and healthcare are both focused upon. The main focus of the nursing faculty is to provide the best nursing education regarding Bachelor of Science in Nursing and other post graduate nursing courses. The nursing faculty of the school is well versed in its responsibility of providing their students the best quality of education in the field of nursing. Their main responsibility is to help their nursing students prepare for leadership stature and help care for their patients.

One John Marshall Drive / Huntington, WV 25755

(800) 642-3463


  1. Fairmont State University

The Fairmont State University School of Nursing and Allied Health Administration has produced more than 1,800 nursing graduates that have known to excel in their field of specialization. Currently, the school has about 300 nursing students under its wing. Since 1964, the school has been producing highly successful Associate Degree in Nursing Program graduates. Its’ founder, Mildred Montag helped the faculty come up with the right curriculum for this particular course. The high quality of education of the nursing school is best shown through the high rate of success of Registered Nurses graduates in licensure exams. For licensed practical nurses, they have a chance to complete their degree within three semesters.

Two of their main courses, namely the Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Administration and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing are degrees that offer opportunities that help students develop their skills further than their basic nursing care abilities and help them hold managerial positions that require them to show their leadership skills. These degrees can be achieved while students work full in the health care facilities they are employed in. They are allowed to enroll either full time or part time. Nurses who have achieved a Bachelors’ Degree in Nursing can take up a Masters’ course in Nursing Care through the universal graduate degree at the Fairmont campus of Fairmont State University.

All the nursing curses offered at Fairmont State University are aimed at improving the educational and learning of each nursing student with simulated leaning activities or even actual presence in hospitals and the like. Modern and technology filled laboratories make the perfect settings for simulated nursing care. All these serve as the perfect background for the high quality of education shared by the schools’ faculty.

1201 Locust Ave, Fairmont, WV 26554



  1. Wheeling Jesuit University

The main asset of the faculty of nursing at the Wheeling Jesuit University is its’ ability to train their nursing students to think precisely about what to do and what solutions are needed to every situation they encounter. This is the kind of thing that every health care employer wants to see in every nurse that graduates from school. This shows real life situational decision making abilities f each graduate of Wheeling.

Nursing students are taught how to precisely use every single state of the art medical equipment and how to apply complicated theoretical approaches to each and every patient. In this school, faculty members teach their students the right way of interacting with their patients and their patients family plus how to respect both patient and workmates.

Every nursing degree offered in Wheeling Jesuit University comes with an intertwined program that connects nursing courses with liberal arts. This is done in the true Jesuit belief of personality development, and skill development as a nursing care member. Once a nursing student has passed the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, the student may now apply for the National Council Licensure Examination or popularly known as NCLEX. Recently the passing percentage of Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates of Wheeling Jesuit reached a perfect 100 percent and is only one of about 8 percent nursing schools to do so. And all of these students took the exam for the first time.

316 Washington Ave, Wheeling, WV 26003


Phone: 304-243-2334


  1. Bluefield State College

Bluefield state college offers a two-year nursing course that sets up students for a career in nursing. The main focus of the faculty is to help their students give the best nursing care in different establishments like clinics, the patients’ house, a home and a hospital. A grade of ‘C’ is one of the requirements or higher for all the nursing classes especially in a combined Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory and Anatomy and Physiology. Courses come with a mix of Science and liberal arts subjects. Other subject combinations that students must have a ‘C’ grade are Microbiology and Microbiology Lab. An ‘F’ grade in lab subjects automatically means the student must repeat it.

219 Rock St, Bluefield, WV 24701

Phone: 304-327-4000

These are the 5 best nursing schools in West Virginia which are depended upon by the state to solve the impending nursing shortage.  A total of 62 areas in West Virginia do not receive enough Medical services. These must be looked into and solved immediately.


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