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The state of Washington failed to see the upcoming problem of a huge shortage in the nursing profession.  The reason that the state has overlooked this impending scenario is that the outlook of the economy was down and this was what the state focused on. But the fact is that a lot of nurses just simply delayed their plans of retiring until the economic problem has been solved.

Despite warnings from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics about an impending shortage in the nursing industry, Washington officials seemed to fail in addressing this problem. The main problem that Washington has to deal with to avoid the very big hit the nursing industry will get in 2020 is that they should have acted on it during the economic crisis. With this in the minds of nursing professionals, none of them would like to practice in Washington.

This problem is being compounded by another problem – the people of the state are getting older. And when people get older, then that means more people might get sick and would need nursing care. Among these people, about 300,000 are now availing of state provided healthcare benefits.  All these problems are compounded even more by the fact that about 47 areas in the state are not getting proper medical attention which equates to almost half of the population of Washington. If these problems are not dealt with immediately, then the nursing shortage will surely go on a downward spiral.

To help solve this huge problem, the state is looking at several possible solutions to prevent the shortage from happening or to at least lessen its impact. One of the best possible solutions is to invite or train Nurse Educators. For this to happen, the state has to entice Registered Nurses to take up a Masters’ Course in Nursing. All over the state, there are only 10 Nursing Schools affiliated with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and unfortunately the number of Nurse Educators in these schools is not enough. These schools had decline the applications to a total of 1,556 due to the lack of Nurse Educators. The only good thing that has come out of it compared to previous years is that there were less applicants turned down.


  1. Bates Technical College

Celebrating its’ 75th year of service in Nursing Education is the Bates Technical College. Bates is best described as innovative with principles set to motivate, challenge and teach nursing students. Bates’ faculty members have the ability to transform mediocre students into geniuses.

Tacoma was the city were vocational nursing was introduced in the 4th of Sept, 1940 in Hawthorne Elementary School. The very next school year, it became known as the Tacoma Vocational School.

The Tacoma School District got L.H. Bates to be its’ Director. Three years later the school took the name Tacoma Vocational-Technical Institute.

In 1969 Bates retired as Director of the school. At the same time the school’s name was changed by the Tacoma School Board into L.H. Bates Vocational Technical Institute to honor the more than two decades of services rendered by Mr. Bates.

In 1991 the school was to be declared under the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

Known today as Bates Technical College has about 3,000 students studying with about 10,000 members of the community studying in three more schools taking up Child Studies, Continuing Education, High School, General Education and Basic Studies and a lot more.

It offers good training to students mainly because its classrooms are actually simulated workplace scenarios. This allows students to practice their future profession in an actual setting. Among the services that Bates Technical College offers are industry certification, provides review classes for nursing board exams, a two-year degree in associate of applied science. The school is in contact with some top notch universities for their 4 year courses.  This allows students enrolled in vocational courses in Bates to take up subject s in universities.

1101 S Yakima Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405

Phone: 253.680.7000


  1. Bellevue College

A two-year Associate Degree in nursing, a Bachelor in Science in Nursing, a Continuing Nursing Education and a Nursing Assistant Certified are all under the Nursing Curriculum of the Bellevue College. These are all classified under the colleges’ mission of providing the best nursing education in the state of Washington. The nursing school helps provide the best education in nursing while preparing them to become ready for their jobs right after they graduate. The quality of education being offered is both easily reached and can be suited to the student. The curriculum can be easily adapted to the constantly changing needs of the people.  It can also be applied to the different types of people of the community.

3000 Landerholm Cir SE, Bellevue, WA 98007

Phone: +1 425-564-1000


  1. Bellingham Technical College

The NCQAC or the Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission has stamped its approval on the Associate Degree Nursing curriculum.  Those nursing students who graduate from this course are trained in taking the licensure exam for the State for the Registered Nurse title.

The reason why this is important is because Registered Nurses can act and decide on their own  because they have been trained to perform nursing health care to patients using the best skills in judgment, behavioral, health and nursing sciences. These attributes are all centered on skills needed to perform such tasks as diagnosis, analysis, patient assessment, health care planning, implementing the health care program and rating of teachings of nursing and health maintenance options. Nurses are also expected to promote prevention of sickness in people and of course how to take care of dying patients. Registered nurses also have the ability to perform the duties of higher ranking nurses for administrative duties, managerial duties, and the assessment of nursing care techniques and theories.

Nursing graduates and professionals who all graduated from Bellingham Technical College are all highly trained to perform at a high level despite the constant change of challenges and demands. The nursing graduates from Bellingham have covered a wide field of the nursing profession  from detailed home care, hospice care, clinic nursing care, out-patient nursing care, school nursing care, public health nursing care, acute and intensive care unit nursing care.

Basic subjects regarding the arts and other sciences are all included in all the nursing courses.  Apart from these, the school is focused on providing a way to transfer and accept practical nurses into the Associate Degree Nursing Course. For those taking up a baccalaureate degree in nursing care, agreements have been signed that will allow the student continuously studies. Nursing applicants are advised to make the essential plans before enrolling in nursing school.

The NCQAC may be reached at PO Box 47864 Olympia, WA 98504-7864 360-236-4700

3028 Lindbergh Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225




  1. Big Bend Community College

The variety of courses and degrees offered under nursing education is what excites those who want to become nurses in the future. The fact is that the nursing profession offers a lot of professional choices in the real world. The nursing profession offers a one of a kind challenge to future nurses and for those with a giving heart.

The good thing about the quality and kind of education practice that nursing students get from Big Bend is top notch because they combine a fully equipped laboratory with the best classroom lectures in the state. This allows the nursing students to gain more knowledge in theory and in laboratory testings.  In this School of Nursing, the nurses are trained to act cool and calm with patients and that they are trained to face different situations at one time. This type of training will prove to be very beneficial  to patients in the hospitals, communities and even with family medicine. The main objective and mission of the school  is to train the nursing students the importance of responsibilities.

The truth is that Big Bend is pulling all the stops to produce responsible nurses in the future.  Nursing education must never stop even with nursing professionals.  Students must participate actively in classroom discussions and lab room time.  Education in Nursing should also be for the people of the community, the family and the community.

7662 Chanute St NE, Moses Lake, WA 98837

Phone: 509-793-2137



  1. Cascadia Community College

Those taking up a nursing degree in Cascadia Community College are being trained to handle the different fields of nursing. After their courses, they can be fielded in places like a clinic, home care, Doctor’s offices and hospitals and other healthcare facilities. There are three basic principles that the whole school is practicing namely, promoting administered nursing care, techniques of nursing care and knowledge. All these three must be practiced in sharing healthcare for the sick people, patients in an infirmary or providing nursing care to disabled people. The course curriculum includes nursing assistance to physicians, proper administration of medicines to sick patients and referring sick people to the right Doctor.

18345 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011

Main phone: 425.352.8000


With all that has been discussed, there is no doubt that nursing is suffering from a real big problem in the future. This has to be dealt with by the state authorities at the soonest possible time.


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