The Best Nursing Schools in Rhode Island

While it is a fact that a lot of areas in the United States are suffering from the shortage of nurses, there is one particular state that does not seem to be really affected by the current situation across the country, and this is Rhode Island.

Rhode Island is one of the very few states in the United States that is making the greatest efforts and initiatives to shield their area from experiencing the shortage of nurses.  Its health care community is very active in coming up with strong moves and schemes to make the present situation better, and one of the efforts that they are doing is by recruiting new nurses and at the same time thinking of ways to make the nurses stay in the profession.

If Rhode Island will be able to maintain this current trend and efforts in their area, then there is a big chance that they will be among the very few states that will not have to go through the experience of having nurse shortage.  They then will be spared from the projection of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that there will be 20% national shortage in the very near future.

This state is definitely doing a very good in keeping the situation at bay because it was able to lower the number of vacancies in the health care industry by at least 20% which is really a good figure.  At the present time, Rhode Island has about 400 positions in the health care field that are waiting to be filled in, while the number of students who are enrolling at different colleges and universities have soared as well to over 100%.  This state is still not able to accommodate all the applicants, but for sure Rhode Island has shown some improvement.

Hospitals need to be commended as well for the efforts that they are creating to help alleviate the concern on the shortage of nurses because they are also implementing programs that will help retain the current nurses in the field.  With this, they are also encouraging the existing nurses to further their education and replace the nurses that will very soon retire.

Another good news is that a lot of nursing courses and programs are also being offered online aside from also being available on- site so that nursing education can be accessible to more people, especially those who are working at the same time.  This is made possible because the hospitals are working alongside different schools.

Other efforts being done in Rhode Island is that several institutions have also been formed to resolve some other issues that concerns the state.  One of the projects that the state needs to address is to create more externships as well as other opportunities for the students.  Area hospitals are doing their part to create an effort as well by having RN to BSN programs, and at the same time similar programs are also being made for master’s degree as well.

Perhaps the only concern that Rhode Island has not improved yet is the salary of nurses because until this time, nurses get an average salary of $50,000 which is definitely below the national average.

When planning to study nursing in Rhode Island, hopeful students of nursing may check out some of the best schools in the state such as the following:


  1. University of Rhode Island

Kingston, RI 02881 USA
1. 401. 874. 1000

University of Rhode Island aims to provide nursing education to the students of nursing at all levels which includes bachelor’s, master’s as well as doctoral, and at the same time this university also wishes to conduct, distribute and definitely put nursing research and scholarship to good use by making significant contributions to the field of nursing as well as to the society.

The faculty of University of Rhode Island is dedicated to foster the students’ ethical development, critical thinking and also motivation for sustainable learning and responsible practice.  This university’s baccalaureate program’s objective is to prepare its students to become professional nurses in a way that they will be able to work in various types of health care settings.  Its master’s programs on the other hand is designed to prepare leaders and utilize their advanced knowledge and skills in becoming Advanced Practice Nurses or educators or administrators.

University of Rhode Island also have doctoral programs that are meant to prepare nursing scholars and also researchers who will be able to make a great impact in the development of nursing knowledge.  This university definitely promotes a close student- teacher interaction and its faculty is certainly most receptive to the changing health care needs of the population as well as to the roles of nurses in the society.

University of Rhode Island’s faculty work hand in hand with various professional organizations, governmental and health care agencies and also with other educational institutions.


  1. Rhode Island College

600 Mount Pleasant Avenue

Providence, RI 02908

(401) 456- 8000

One of the good schools in Rhode Island where students can have quality of education is at Rhode Island College which is known to have the biggest baccalaureate nursing program in this state.  Aside from having comprehensive programs in nursing, Rhode Island College is also proud of its NCLEX- RN licensure examination pass ratebecause it is above both the local as well as the national average.

Another advantage of this academic institution is that it is situated in the Providence metropolitan area and its college campus is very accessible to the students as it is only within 5 miles away from major health care institutions.  The programs of Rhode Island College is affiliated with all the leading health care agencies to offer clinical education.

Students of nursing can definitely expect high quality of education from this university because its faculty is well- credentialed and are all experts in the field.  Aside from their credentials, they are also dedicated to their students’ overall growth and development, both personally and intellectually.


  1. Salve Regina University

100 Ochre Point Avenue

Newport, Rhode Island, 02840, USA

Phone: (401) 847 6650

Salve Regina University’s Department of Nursing has been in existence for over 60 years already and since then has formed professional nurses who are all very skilled.  Their nursing graduates are honed in an education that is liberal and at the same time ethically grounded.  Students of nursing can definitely expect high quality of education because its baccalaureate program is highly accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, and from the time that the nursing program has been included at this university, it has retained full approval from the Rhode Island Board of Nurse Registration and Nursing Education.

At Salve Regina University, there are two study options for the students of nursing such as the pre- licensure track which is meant for high school graduates and transfer, and also for second degree students; and another option is the degree completion track which is designed for students who are already Registered Nurses.

At this university, classroom and experiential learning are combined to give the students a well- rounded approach in learning.  Their training is also focused on patient- centered care so that their graduates are sure to become effective nursing professionals once they are in the field.  Graduates of Salve Regina University are also ready to continue their development as health care practitioners.


  1. Joseph School of Nursing North Providence

200 High Service Avenue

North Providence, RI 02904

  1. 456. 3050

St. Joseph School of Nursing North Providence is another school of nursing in Rhode Island that offers high quality of education to the students of nursing.  This academic institution started as a 3 year Diploma School in 1899 that was established by the Sisters of St. Frances of Glen Riddle, Pennsylvania.  Then later on, St. Joseph Hospital Training School for Nursing became part of the sole Catholic hospital in the state of Rhode Island which started in 1892.

It was in 1902 when it saw its first graduation and at that time, it had only 5 nurses receiving the diplomas.  In 1912, St. Joseph obtained its first state approval as a nursing education program.  Then in 1996 the program underwent some changes which then allowed the students to be exposed in different clinical settings.

St. Joseph School of Nursing North Providence has certainly gone a long way because now it has its own Learning Resource Center which comes with the most modern and up to date Nursing Arts and Computer Labs, Health Sciences Library and an Audio Visual Lab.  This School of Nursing has produced more than 2,300 highly skilled professional nurses within their 100 years of foundation.

In 2013, it launched a 3+1 Progression Model with Salve Regina University which allows the students to take courses at Salve Regina alongside with St. Joseph School of Nursing courses.


  1. Community College of Rhode Island

400 East Ave, Warwick, RI 02886, United States

+1 401- 437- 5224

Community College of Rhode Island certainly maintains high academic standards which is why nursing students must also consider taking a look at this college.  This school of nursing is the only college in Rhode Island that has a public comprehensive associate degree granting institution, and at the same time offers affordable open access to higher education at different locations within Rhode Island.

Community College of Rhode Island aims to provide recent high school graduates and also returning adults the chance to gain knowledge and skills that are necessary for intellectual, professional and also personal growth through its comprehensive academic programs.

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