The Best Nursing Schools in Oregon

Although many parts of the United States are suffering from the lack of nurses, there is one fortunate state that is not as affected as the other areas in the country.  Oregon, unlike the other parts of the United States is not in the critical level of nurse shortage as it is actively making great efforts to work against the issue.  Presently, there are about 3 nurses for every doctor in the state of Oregon which then goes to show that the number of nurses is still healthy compared to the rest of the country.

In Oregon, nurses comprise the biggest chunk of health care professionals, but the problem with this is that around 66% of the population are already more than 45 years old which means that the workforce is also getting close to their retirement age.  The state of Oregon though can be applauded for the amazing efforts that they are trying to make in order to prevent the shortage of nurses.

Initiatives and efforts must be made by the entire country because it is projected that by the year 2020, around 1 million nurses will be needed throughout the United States, so then even before this happens, the situation must be addressed right away.  Aside from the pressing issue on the shortage of nurses, Oregon is also working towards responding to the concern on encouraging nurses to learn new skills and at the same time to reach their goal to have at least 70% of the nurses to have a bachelor’s degree.

At the present time, only 37% of these nurses are taking further education to get a bachelor’s degree.  Although the figure is low, still it is a good number as it is still beyond the national average.  The reason why not all nurses cannot have further studies is because of financial concerns. Perhaps, if the state can offer scholarships or other forms of financial support, then more nurses will be encouraged to further their education.

Another interesting effort that Oregon is making is that some campuses as well as universities have combined their efforts to produce a common curriculum wherein the students are enabled to shift between colleges and universities without having to retake some classes.  This then makes learning more convenient for the students.

There are 5 schools in Oregon that are accredited with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, but because of the lack of resources such as space and nurse educators, some 2,071 students who are very much qualified to enter the nursing program were turned away.  The need to have nurse educators is perhaps what should be addressed by the state of Oregon at the soonest time.

Nurses in this state get an average salary of $64,000 which is comparative to the national average, but the work condition in Oregon is perhaps very conducive as it states that it has high levels of job satisfaction.

If the need for nurse educators can be resolved soon, then more students will have the chance to experience the quality of the nursing schools within the state.  Some of the best schools in Oregon are the following:


  1. University of Portland

Buckley Center, 315, MSC 153

5000 N Willamette Blvd

Portland OR 97203

503 943 7211

800 227 4568

Fax: 503 943 7729

University of Portland is employing a model called Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) which is a hospital teaching unit that is meant to develop the university’s teaching capacity as well as enhance the clinical education of the students of nursing.  The Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) restructures the roles of the nursing staff and also the academic faculty so that both the quantity as well as the quality of faculty supervision and also clinical education may be expanded.

In this kind of model, the practicing nurses are able to get an added professional development and support so they can become primary teachers.  It is the academic faculty members who are responsible in giving the training and education to the DEU nurses because it is through this way that their clinical teaching skills are also raised.


  1. Oregon Health and Science University

School of Nursing Portland Campus

3455 SW US Veterans Hospital Rd

Portland, OR 97239- 2941

Phone: 503- 494- 7444

Fax: 503- 494- 4350

One of the best schools in Oregon is the Oregon Health and Science University as it has a faculty that is composed of nationally and at the same internationally distinguished educators, scholars and also clinicians who are all committed in seeking and sharing knowledge in a way that also promotes compassionate care for both the community and the individuals.

Oregon Health and Science University provides various degrees such as baccalaureate and master’s.  This university’s master’s degree program trains its students for advanced practice or as public health professionals.  Students may also take advantage of the doctoral and post- doctoral programs at the Oregon Health and Science University.

Aside from providing high quality education, this university is also known for its excellence in research, and up to this time Oregon Health and Science University is still among the leading nursing schools that is financially supported by the National Institute of Health.


  1. Linfield College of Nursingand Health Sciences

Linfield College Nursing 2255 NW Northrup Street Portland, Oregon

97210- 2932

T: 503- 413- 8481

F: 503- 413- 6283

Another good school of nursing that can be found within Oregon is the Linfield College Nursing and Health Sciences.  This academic institution that offers nursing programs sets- up their students to become caring nurses who are dedicated to their profession and at the same time who are also receptive to the needs of the community as a whole.

At Linfield College Nursing and Health Sciences, students can also expect to learn about professional excellence and scholarship.  In this institution, nurses are able to form cooperative affiliation with clients, health care providers as well as other stake holders in order to reach their goals in the health care industry in the different health care settings.

Linfield College Nursing and Health Sciences is learner centered as well, and it believes that it can be attained by having a community that is supportive and nurturing.  With this kind of environment, students are encouraged and have the freedom to practice their own learning pace and strategy.  In the same way, students are also able to exploit previous knowledge as well as incorporate it with a hands- on experience.

Courses at this university are also intended to assist in the development of theory acquisition as well as clinical skill development and also socialization into nursing profession.


  1. George Fox University

414 N. Meridian Street

Newberg, Oregon 97132

503- 538- 8383

George Fox University is also another one of the good schools of nursing whose Bachelor of Science degree is founded on liberal arts foundation as well as Christian principles.  The nursing program of George Fox University has been given full approval by the Oregon State Board of Nursing and is accredited as well by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

In this university, students have the chance to participate in both inside and outside the classroom learning experiences.  George Fox University’s nursing programs provide the students the chance to be trained in areas such as acute care, cardiology, emergency, home care hospice, obstetrics, oncology, pediatrics, school nursing as well as medical missions.

Nursing graduates of George Fox University are all qualified to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX- RN).


  1. Pioneer Pacific College

27375 SW Parkway Ave

Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

Voice: 503. 682. 1862

Fax: 503. 682. 6801

Among the schools of nursing that offer high quality of education is the Pioneer Pacific College.  This university’s graduates of the Practical Nursing Diploma Program are able to practice as members of the health care team, and are also privileged to work under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses and at the same time perform specific duties such as caring for the sick, the injured, the convalescent as well as the disabled.

When the student of nursing is able to successfully complete the program, the student is then qualified to apply to the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) for the NCLEX- RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses). As soon as the graduate gets a license, he or she may work as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or he or she may also opt to apply for a certification in Gerontology as well as IV Therapy through the National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses, Inc.

There are certainly a lot of good schools of nursing within the state of Oregon where students can freely choose which university suits them best.  Most of these schools offer high quality of education, but the concern though is the lack of nurse educators who are responsible in providing the proper education and training to the future nurses of the state.

If this issue can be resolved soon, then more students can experience the quality of education in Oregon.



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