The Best Nursing Schools in North Carolina

North Carolina is among the many areas in the United States that is suffering from shortage of nurses.  This concern needs to be addressed at the soonest time possible so that the gap will be bridged even before it gets any more worse.  Perhaps one of the reasons why North Carolina is lacking in the number of nurses is because a lot of hospitals in this state have high requirements for nurses.

Many hospitals within North Carolina is only accepting nurses with a 4 year bachelor’s degree as this state abides by the recommendations of the National Institute of Medicine  that was launched in 2010 which states that 80% of the nurses must be at least a bachelor’s degree certified by the year 2020.  Another reason why there is a high demand for nurses in North Carolina is because of the Affordable Care Act which has enabled an additional of 32M Americans to have insurance, and therefore has rights to proper health care assistance.

It is not only nurses that is wanted badly in North Carolina, but also nurse educators who will be responsible for the education and training of the future nurses.  Because of the shortage of nurse educators, some 1,615 potential students of nursing were simply refused to enter the nursing program.  These students who would have been qualified to pursue a degree in nursing were turned down from the 20 schools of nursing that are all accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

It is a fact that nurses are definitely in high demand in North Carolina, which is the reason why both hospitals and colleges must combine their efforts to come up with a feasible solution to address this concern.  Another reality is that health care is changing fast as well thus the need to be able to keep up with the most current demands.  In North Carolina, there is a projection that in future,people will no longer go to hospitals to treat serious diseases and other chronic problems, but instead will only need nurses to treat them in other settings.

The role of nurses is changing as well which is why more nurses are being required at this time.  Since North Carolina is in great need of nurses, students who would like to become licensed nurses in this area must know how to become one.  One of the ways to become a licensed nurse in North Carolina is to first enroll in a 4 year bachelor’s degree or if not, the student must get involved in a community college associate’s degree program.

For those who are already Registered Nurses, they can take the RN to BSN degree program so they can earn their bachelor’s degree in just two years.  The average salary of nurses in North Carolina is around $63,000 per year.  Aside from nurses, some 115 slots for nurse educators must be filled in as well so that more students can be accommodated to study nursing.

There are definitely a lot of schools of nursing around North Carolina which guarantees to provide good quality of education. Some of the best universities with nursing programs in North Carolina are the following:


  1. Duke University
307 Trent Dr, Durham
NC 27710

Duke University is one of the best schools in North Carolina where students of nursing can earn their nursing degree and get high quality of education.  This university is a community where people can find varied scholars as well as clinicians.  It offers various degrees and programs such as Master’s, PhD, Doctor of Nursing Practice and Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

US News and World Report ranked Duke University number 6 in the nation in its 2016 Best Nursing Schools ranking.  One of the missions of this university is to build a center of excellence for the development of nursing science as well as the enhancement of clinical scholarship and also the education of clinical leaders, advanced practitioners as well as researchers.

Part of Duke University’s objective is to promote health and at the same time the quality of life for all the populations.  Aside from this, it also aims to improve academic programs that will answer to societal needs for nursing expertise.

Duke University ensures that it teaches its nursing students to become leaders in their nursing profession whether in research, education, practice or administration which is why it provides its students the necessary cognitive skills, clinical reasoning, clinical imagination, professional identity and also dedication to the core values of nursing.  It also fosters an environment that is intellectual and is founded on a devotion to free and open inquiry.


  1. Winston Salem State University
Winston-Salem State University
601 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27110
Phone: (336) 750-2000

Winston Salem State University started providing quality of education to its students since it was established in 1892.  In 1925, this university became the first African- American institution to offer elementary education teaching degrees.  Winston Salem State University’s programs gives emphasis on the student’s overall learning which is why its graduates are known to be flexible problem solvers and creative while at the same time are also known for their leadership and service.

The strength of this university has always been in education and health sciences, but has developed to include advanced programs both for the undergraduate and the graduate in over 40 majors.  Winston Salem State University’s national premier nursing school is founded on superior education, research and also public service.  This university is also known to offer an educational experience that is definitely transformative.

Winston Salem State University offers various degrees such as baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral.  It also offers several programs such as traditional, paramedic to BSN, Accelerated BSN and RN to BSN.  Its BSN program trains its nursing students to join the nursing workforce as generalists.

The graduates of Winston Salem State University are ready to become leaders in their profession by assuring fair health care to the underserved communities and individuals and offer them a responsive care that is compassionate and evidence- based.


  1. University of North Carolina
UNC Chapel Hill
Carrington Hall, CB#7460
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

University of North Carolina’s School of Nursing at UNC- Chapel Hill is known to be among the premiere nursing schools in the United States.  Its history as being at the forefront of nursing education in North Carolina began in 1950, and since then has been known for its outstanding research and practice as well.

This academic institution offers various degrees such as Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master’s of Science in Nursing, RN- MSN, Post- Master’s, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctoral and Pre or Post Doctoral Fellowships.

University of North Carolina ranks number 17 in the Best Graduate School Rankings for 2016 which was published by the US News and World Report.  This university’s School of Nursing is also accredited by CCNE and NC BON until 2021which proves that University of North Carolina’s School of Nursing certainly offers excellent education to its nursing students.

Aside from the quest for fresh knowledge, University of North Carolina is also known for its study of prevention as well as management of chronic diseases.  Another feature that makes this university superior is that it has a biobehavioral laboratory which only very few schools have.


  1. East Carolina University
East Carolina University College of Nursing
600 Moye Blvd
Greenville, NC 27834 USA

Students who wish to pursue a degree in nursing may also consider East Carolina University which is one of the good schools around North Carolina where students can definitely expect to get high quality of education.    East Carolina University is also known for its outstanding and revolutionary nursing education, leadership, research, scholarship and practice.

This university aims to be identified for its advanced nursing programs as well as its collective and interdisciplinary partnerships that will enhance health care in rural underserved areas.  East Carolina University offers classes that are both in- campus and online which then makes learning more accessible to the students’ needs and convenience.

East Carolina University believes that nursing practice and education must take place in an environment that is varied and at the same time comprehensive.  It is also dedicated to knowledge development as well as its dissemination.


  1. Gardner Webb University
110 South Main Street
P.O. Box 997
Boiling Springs, NC 28017

Gardner Webb University is among the best schools in North Carolina where students who are taking up a nursing degree can get good quality of education.  Gardner Webb University is one of the schools that offers the most wide- ranging nursing programs within North Carolina.

This university offers the following programs: Associate Degree in Nursing which can be completed in two years, Bachelor of Science in Nursing which can be finished in 4 years and RN to BSN which students of nursing can complete within 1 to 2 year’s time.  Gardner Webb University also offers RN to MSN, Post Baccalaureate Nursing Education Certificate and Master of Science in Nursing.  Aside from these, this university has more nursing programs such as Master of Science in Family Nurse Practitioner, Post Master’s Certificate in Nursing Administration, Post Master’s Certificate in Nursing Education, Post Master’s Certificate for Family Nurse Practitioner MSN/MBA, Post Master’s Nursing Education Certificate, Post Master’s Nursing Administration Certificate, Post Master’s Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate and Doctor of Nursing Program which can be completed in a period of two years.

Gardner Webb University is patient- centered and at the same time has evidence- based practice and has interdisciplinary partnerships.


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