The Best Nursing Schools in New York

Nurse shortage is very much prevalent in several areas in the United States, and one of the areas that experiences this certain condition is New York which is in great need of qualified nurses.  In 2003, there were about 2,000 vacancies for nurse positions in 59 hospitals that were waiting to be filled in.  Then in 2005, the vacant positions available for nurses increased to 17,000 and in 2015, the vacancy is expected to grow much higher; in fact maybe even double the current figures.

There is a high demand for nurses because of many different reasons.  One of the reasons is because of the fact that a lot of nurses has already retired and many who are still in the current nursing work force are expected to retire soon as well as they are already close to their retirement age.  Another reason is that more complicated health needs are on the rise.

The shortage of nurses also brings about so many liabilities in the sense that the nurses who are currently employed are overworked because they have higher workloads and even perhaps longer hours which causes them to get very stressed.  Because of this situation, the nurses are not able to get enough rest which then leads to human error such that surgery gets delayed and so the chances of death among patients are also high.

Shortage of nurses in New York is definitely in critical level, and it is not just in hospitals but also in other health care facilities most especially in nursing homes which is currently at 10%.  New York is not only short of nurses, but also nursing assistants and nurse educators.  Another reason why there is no sufficient nurses is because many of them leave the profession.  In fact in 2003, around 19% of well- qualified nurses did not really get employment in the industry, but rather went on to pursue other careers; and about 8,000 nurses quit the profession because of health reasons.

The lack of job satisfaction among nurses must certainly be given much attention so that more nurses will be more motivated to pursue their career in nursing.  Another concern in New York is the lack of nurse educators who will be the one responsible for the education and training of future nurses.  There is shortage in nurse educators because a lot of them are soon retiring while others have already retired.

Because of the insufficient number of nurse educators in New York, some 4,629 qualified students were refused to enter the nursing program from 49 schools of nursing that are accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.  Nurses in New York get an average salary of $77,000 a year which is 17% above the national average.  Nurses with higher degrees on the other hand get much higher salaries.

There are a lot of good schools in New York where students who would like to get a nursing degree can choose from.  Some of these schools where students can expect to get high quality of education are the following:


  1. New York University

NYU College of Nursing

433 First Avenue

New York, NY 10010

Phone: 212-998-5300

Fax: 212-995-3143

New York University was founded in 1932, and since its foundation, this university has been known to provide superior education to its students.  It is in 1947 though when the nursing program started in New York University, and it began as a separate department in the Steinhandt School of Education

In 1954, New York University became one of the pioneer universities to consider nursing as a science.  Then in 1967, it became a Division of Nursing at the Steinhandt School of Education.  New York University offers several nursing programs that are definitely world class.  Some of the programs that they offer are BS, MS, DNP and PhD.

This university constantly makes sure that it is consistent in providing superior quality and innovations for the nursing profession; and at the same time is fully dedicated to produce graduates who will certainly stand out as nurse professionals and become leaders in the field as they exhibit values in giving patient- centered care.

New York University ranks third in research funding from the National Institute of Health.


  1. Excelsior College

Excelsior College

7 Columbia Circle

Albany, NY 12203-5159

Another school within New York where students can get quality of education is the Excelsior College.  This academic institution have various nursing programs that are all approved and recognized by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc.  Also the National League for Nursing appointed Excelsior College’s School of Nursing as a 2011- 2016 NLN Center of Excellence in Nursing Education.

Excelsior College offers different degrees such as bachelor’s and master’s and certificate programs are also available.  This academic institution’s associate degree provides competency based distance learning program.  The nursing programs at Excelsior College are definitely excellent, only that there are no clinical instructions in any of these programs.

All the nursing graduates of Excelsior College with either a bachelor’s or a master’s are all licensed practitioners or registered nurses.


  1. Stony Brook University

School of Nursing

101 Nicolls Road

Health Sciences Center

Level 2

Stony Brook, NY 11794-8240

Stony Brook University is one of the best schools around New York that is committed to provide the best education for the students who wish to pursue nursing.  Stony Brook University offers superior education to both those who are in the undergraduate and the graduate level that is open to all types of population.

This university aims to develop nurses who will become leaders in their profession at all the entries of their nursing profession.  Stony Brook University offers programs that are advanced to make sure that students will be able to meet the current health care demands.  Nursing students can also expect to have access in the university’s most modern health care facilities, which at the same time serve as a resource to both its surrounding as well as to the international communities.

Stony Brook University produces research that enhances both scientific and also theoretical foundations of nursing which then makes this university an environment that provides a structure to support its faculty, teaching, scholarship, research, service and also practice.  This university is one of the top public schools of nursing that is known for its first- rate research, education as well as practice.


  1. Columbia University in the City of New York

Columbia University

617 W 168th St

New York, NY 10032

One of the best and known universities within New York is Columbia University in the City of New York which is found in New York City.  This university is considered as one of the world’s forefront center of nursing education as well as research and practice.  Columbia University in the City of New York teaches their nursing students to become the best in the field when they graduate from the university and ensures that its graduates become outstanding professionals whether as clinicians, researchers and also nurse leaders.

This university trains its students of nursing to be able to do their obligation as nurse professionals at their most outstanding level such as giving accurate and independent diagnosis as well as treatments that are effective.  Columbia University in the City of New York  ‘s excellent education is made possible through the assistance of its world class faculty that functions not only as educators to the students, but at the same time a role model for them as well.

At Columbia University in the City of New York, students of nursing are able to experience real life situations within the confines of their classroom which guides them to become effective nurse professionals when they graduate from the university.  This university’s research is done by its very own scientists, and the research is published in some influential and peer- reviewed journals.

The studies produced by Columbia University in the City of New York is certainly diverse as it ranges from the best clinical practices to the most effective health policy that will definitely be beneficial for everyone.


  1. University of Rochester

Rochester, NY 14603, United States

University of Rochester is also considered as one of the good schools that offers nursing programs to the students who wish to pursue a degree in nursing.  At this university, students of nursing can expect to receive high quality of education as its School of Nursing is fully committed to develop their nursing students to become highly educated nurses that are able to meet the latest demands of the patients as well as their families in a health environment that is both complicated and also varied.

University of Rochester brings together education and practice as well as research, and in the same way is dedicated to hone its nursing students to become outstanding health care providers, researchers, educators, clinical leaders and also innovators who will assist in enhancing the health care provisions.

Its research and academic curriculums are all lined- up to support national health care reform as well as the need to enhance access to chronic disease management, care coordination as well as partnerships with communities.  University of Rochester is also focused in offering student support which is why this academic institution has excellent graduation rates and at the same time, graduates of this university are also known to be passers of NCLEX.

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