The Best Nursing Schools in New Jersey

Many parts of the United States are suffering from nurse shortage, and New Jersey is definitely not an exception.  In fact, New Jersey has been experiencing severe shortage of nurses since 2012.  At that time, this state is short of nurses by around 17%.  The shortage of nurses in New Jersey is certainly at a critical level, and even if the current total population of registered nurses is 114,120, this figure is still not enough to address the needed nursing staff in this part of the United States.

New Jersey is not just in great need of nurses, but it is in great demand of nurse educators as well.  Nurse educators are without a doubt highly necessary in the community because if not for them, then there will be no one to provide the future nurses the needed education and training in order to become effective nurses.  As in the case in New Jersey, around 895 students who are qualified to pursue a degree in nursing were refused to enter the nursing program because there are not enough nurses to accommodate them in the nursing schools.

There is a high demand for nurse educators because the current work force is fast approaching retirement and so there is a need for them to be replaced when they finally retire.  Also, those who have already retired have not been replaced as well.  Nurses on the other hand are always needed in New Jersey because of the fact that its population is aging, and at the same time the health needs of the people are changing as well, aside from the pressing chronic illnesses that exists in the area such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and asthma.

Another reality in New Jersey is that only below 10% of the nursing population have advanced degrees such as a master’s or a doctoral.  It is projected that by the year 2020, there will be around 40,000 more nurses that will be needed in this state.  As for the nurse educators, there is about 10.5% unfilled positions that needs to be filled in right away.

At the present time, there are 8,869 students who are taking up nursing, but because nurse shortage in New Jersey is in critical level, this state should have at least 6,000 first year nursing students every year consistently between today and the year 2020 so that the shortage of nurses will be addressed.

Salary of nurses in New Jersey is definitely good as it is higher than the national average.  The average salary of nurses in New Jersey for a year is $74,990, and nurses in Newark gets the highest pay.  Those with high levels of education such as those with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree get an even higher compensation which is why it is really worth making an effort to further your education.

Aside from high compensation, New Jersey is also offering more incentives with the hope to entice more nurses.  Good schools that offer nursing programs are available in this state which is why there should be more nurse educators so that more students will be encouraged to pursue nursing as well and experience high quality of education in any one of its schools of nursing.

Some of the best universities in New Jersey are the following:


  1. Seton Hall University

400 S Orange Ave

South Orange, NJ 07079

One of the good schools in New Jersey where students can expect to get high quality of education is the Seton Hall University which has existed for more than 150 years already.  Seton Hall University is known for its legacy in research as well as in teaching.  Nursing courses were first offered in this university in 1937, and its formal school of nursing was launched in 1940.

In 1971, the school changed its name to College of Nursing, then in 1973 was transferred to the Caroline D. Schwartz building which has been its home since that time until the present.  Seton Hall University’s College of Nursing is found in its main campus which is in South Orange, New Jersey.  The location of Seton Hall University is only 14 miles away from New York City, and is conveniently situated near major roads and rail lines.

This university has more than 40 full time faculty members and houses extensive facilities such as advanced patient care simulation laboratories, laptop based learning and internet access that students can use to aid in their learning.


  1. Rutgers University Newark

School of Nursing

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Stanley S. Bergen Bldg.

65 Bergen Street, Suite 1127

Newark, New Jersey 07107-1709

Rutgers University Newark is known to offer foremost public nursing programs and is also at the forefront of distinguished research as well as evidence- based practice scholarship.  Rutgers University Newark teaches its students to become not only proficient nursing professionals, but also caring and sympathetic.  Aside from providing good quality of education, this university is also a leader in health care which helps enhance the health care of the people.

Rutgers University Newark provides the best educational practices and at the same time, it has created an environment that responds to the ever changing educational as well as socio- political trends.  This university enforces a kind of learning that combines innovative teaching and also modern learning strategies that fosters learning that would meet the current needs of the populations as well as health care settings.

As a leader in the health care, this university creates interventions that would bridge the gap and lessen differences, improve patient safety as well as quality results.  Rutger University Newark also maintains affiliations with several communities in New Jersey to deepen educational opportunities for students in different practice environments.  Another good thing about this university is that it also encourages teamwork between its faculty and its students to develop cost effective, high quality, patient centered health care results.


  1. Farleigh Dickinson University Metropolitan

Metropolitan Campus

1000 River Road

Teaneck, NJ 07666

Students who are looking for a school of nursing and would like to get good quality of education may also consider Farleigh Dickinson University Metropolitan.  In this university, students experience hands- on laboratory training that is integrated with nursing theory starting in the first semester of their sophomore level program.

In their sophomore year, students of nursing get to experience different laboratory practices such as in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes as well as other community health agencies and facilities.  Farleigh Dickinson University Metropolitan offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing that is available to high school graduates and also to college graduates who are already holding another degree in another field. This university also offers diploma and associate degrees for registered nurses.

At Farleigh Dickinson University Metropolitan, college graduates have the option to choose the accelerated track that has a similar nursing content to that of a 4 year nursing program.  For this program, there are two options available.  One is the 1 year program which starts in May.  This program can be completed within a year after prerequisites are completed.  Another option is the two year program which starts in September.  This program can be finished within two years and prerequisites must also be completed.

In this university, nursing classes already start in the nursing student’s first year and they are also exposed to clinical rotations in different health care environments.  Farleigh Dickinson University Metropolitan specializes in the study of: nursing care of adults, nursing care of individuals with psychosocial problems, nursing care of children, women’s health, rehabilitative nursing and also community health nursing.

All these courses are available full time and part time.  Students can also expect to experience state of the art facilities and class sizes are kept to a minimum to maintain quality.  Nursing students are taught by faculty members who are leaders in the field, and students are also provided individualized advisement so they can be guided as to which courses best suits them.


  1. Felician College

Felician College

One Felician Way, Rutherford, NJ 07070

262 South Main Street, Lodi, NJ 07644

One of the best academic institutions in New Jersey is Felician College which is a very small not for profit college.  Felician College is situated in Lodi, New Jersey and has been offering high quality of education to its students since its foundation in 1942.

This university offers different degrees such as bachelor’s. certificates and also master’s which is offered in three of its programs.  The cost of education at Felician College is expensive, and the average tuition fee is $31,000 for a whole academic year.  Tuition fee though depend on the course.

The location of this university is generally safe and in fact has a good evaluation for on- campus security.  Felician College ranks number 233 in the entire United States and belongs to the top 5 nursing schools in New Jersey.  This university is at par with other universities such as New York University in New York City and University of Pennsylvania which is in Philadelphia.


  1. Kean University

ACEN Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc.

3343 Peachtree Road NE Suite 850

Atlanta, GA 30326

Phone: (404) 975-5000

FAX: (404) 975-5020

Kean University is a public cosmopolitan university which is open to both the undergraduate and the graduate students.  This university is committed to the intellectual, cultural and also the personal growth of all its members, from its students to its faculty and also its other professional staff.

Kean University trains its students to think critically, creatively and globally and offers a variety of programs that are most suitable to the nursing students.


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