The Best Nursing Schools in Nevada

It is known that shortage of nurses is experienced in most areas of the United States, but the area which has most severe case of nurse shortage is in Nevada as it has been their concern since 1989.  At the present time, there are perhaps less than 600 nurses available for every 100,000 residents.  According to the prediction of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by year 2020 the demand for nurses will most probably rise to about 19% in the entire United States, and there will surely be higher percentage in Nevada.

Aside from the shortage of nurses, Nevada is dealing with other concerns as well such as training and retaining new nurses that have good education.  Also, more than lack of nurses Nevada is also in great need of nurse educators who will be responsible for providing education and training to the nursing students.  There are only 5 accredited schools in Nevada that are recognized by the American Association of Colleges of Nurses and due to the shortage of nurse educators, about 473 students who would have been qualified to enter the nursing program were refused to join the program.  Not only a big number of students were turned down from the nursing program, but there are also a lot of students who are on the waiting list.

The reason why there is a need for more nurse educators is that the current faculty workforce is almost close to their retirement period.  Also with the very few number of nurses in Nevada, only around 95 students are taking the Advanced Practice degree.  In all the total nurse population in Nevada, only 3.5% are Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.

Another fact in Nevada is that it has 71 medically underserved areas which affect 53.4% of Nevada’s total population.  Although there are about 700 students who graduate from nursing each year from Nevada, only around 400 nursing graduates stay in this state to find employment.  The rest move to other states or decide to pursue a career in different fields such as insurance.

Nurses in Nevada get an average salary of $75,320 which is definitely above the national average, and the usual work schedule of a nurse is only 3 to 4 days and they also get additional bonuses and other incentives.  The compensation as well as the work schedule is really good which is why they cannot be the reasons why nurses still choose to work in another place.

If only the nursing graduates will choose to stay in Nevada then the shortage of nurses will most likely be addressed and the demand will not be as high as the current need.  Furthermore, if only there are enough nurse educators to teach the potential nurses in the future, then more students will be able to experience the good quality of education that Nevada’s best universities offer.

Some of the best schools within Nevada are as follows:


  1. University of Nevada Las Vegas
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89154
Phone: 702-895-3011

One of the best schools in Nevada that offers nursing programs is found in Las Vegas which is the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  This university aims to provide good education to the students who are either in the undergraduate or graduate level and be able to meet the health care needs of the people.  University of Nevada Las Vegas also wishes to enhance as well as support human health by way of evidence- based education and also through advancements or developments in research as well as practice.

This university’s Baccalaureate, Master’s and also Doctor of Nursing Practice  degree programs are all approved and recognized by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, and at the same time has full approval by the Nevada State Board of Nursing.

For those who would like to know more the university and its nursing programs or degrees, applicants may check out and has an address at 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89154.


  1. University of Nevada Reno
Orvis School of Nursing (0134)
1664 N. Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89557
Phone (775) 784-6841
Fax (775) 784-4262

The University of Nevada Reno has been offering high quality of education to its nursing students since its foundation in 1956.  Its school of nursing which is the Orvis School of Nursing is known to be one of the oldest school of nursing in Nevada.  This university is committed to give service to Nevada by providing quality teaching as well as research and service.

University of Nevada Reno ensures that each of its students are well- equipped with all the necessary education and training so that each of one its graduates is prepared to practice the nursing profession whether in the entry level or advanced nursing role.

This university has courses that focus on the nursing care of individuals, families and communities, and also offers a stable foundation for evidence- based practice, critical thinking as well as leadership.


  1. Roseman University of Health Sciences
11 Sunset Way
Henderson, NV 89014
Phone: 702-990-4433
Fax: 702-990-4435

Another university in Nevada where students can expect to obtain high quality of education is in Roseman University of Health Sciences. This university believes that the purpose of nursing care is to restore and at the same time, maintain and advance the health of all the population in Nevada which consists of individuals, groups and communities.

Roseman University of Health Sciences also considers nursing as both a science and an art, such that as a science, nurses gain research- based nursing knowledge, judgment and skills.  While as an art, nurses develop a caring relationship by applying knowledge, skills and judgment in a compassionate way.

This university emphasizes a holistic approach which means that nurses are always there for his or her patients from illness to wellness.  Roseman University of Health Sciences also encourages its nursing graduates to select their employment setting preference, whether in hospitals, long- term care facilities, community and public health agencies, classrooms, laboratories, independent practice, ambulatory care centers, US public health service, military services, veteran’s administration medical centers, and other type of settings which requires health care assistance.

Nurses also play several roles, and more than being in direct patient care and doing the regular nurse duties, they are also patient educators, and those who are in community settings would have a different function as they work to prevent illness by educating the community through various medical programs.  This way transmittable diseases, violence, obesity, tobacco use and the like would be prevented in a community.

Aside from these, nurse also play a sensitive role when they provide dignity in death for their patients who are nearing the end of their lives.


  1. Nevada State College
1125 Nevada State Drive
Henderson, NV 89002

Students who would like to pursue a degree in nursing can also take advantage of good quality of education in Nevada State College.  This academic institution has baccalaureate programs that are offered to students who are either new to the profession as well as those who already have RN degrees.

Nevada State College also guarantees to prepare its nursing students for professional nursing practice so that when they graduate, they will be ready to work in their profession and will also be prepared in whatever health care setting they are in.  This university believes that the principle of nursing is caring.

Nevada State College challenges its students of nursing to center on the core nursing and at the same time develop them into nursing professionals who are highly ethical, skilled, competent and committed.

This university is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and has a full approval from the Nevada State Board of Nursing.


  1. Touro University Nevada
Touro University Nevada
874 American Pacific Drive
Henderson NV 89014

Touro University Nevada is another good school of nursing where students can get quality of education.  This university is the first private, non- profit professional nursing education program in Nevada, and in 2005 its programs developed its availability for health science.

The health science programs at Touro University Nevada started as a graduate program for the students who already have a degree in another field, and was also an entry level Master’s program.  This program was also designed for registered nurses who want to further their education in teaching or administration.

Touro University Nevada also focuses on scholarship, community service as well as the significance of evidence-based practice in professional nursing.  Graduates of this university are trained to influence the implementation of the health care system as nursing professionals, and in the same way they are also taught to become highly competent as well as qualified and caring nurses.

This university also believes that learning is an active as well as a constant interactive process that includes sensory perception, conceptualization and also critical thinking.

Touro University Nevada’s pre- licensure program is accredited by the Nevada State Board of Nursing and is also approved by the Collegiate Nursing Education.

Nevada must be able to address its issue with regards to the shortage of nurse educators so that more students will be welcomed to the nursing programs.  When there are more students pursuing nursing degrees, then there will be hope that the shortage of nurses in Nevada will somehow be alleviated.  Graduates of nursing must also be more supportive of the state and choose to stay and work in Nevada to help resolve their concern on nurse shortage.





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