The Best Nursing Schools in Nebraska

It is projected that by the year 2020, the entire United States will need to have around 808,000 nurses more in order to meet their demand for nurses.  High numbers will be in demand for the areas which have the highest shortage of nurses such as in the state of Nebraska where there will be about 3,838 nurses needed when the year 2020 comes.

In Nebraska, the severity of the shortage of nurses is most experienced in its northern parts, and more than the lack of nurses to cater to the health care needs of its residents, Nebraska is also in great need of nurse educators who are supposed to be the one to provide the students of nursing the necessary skills and education to become effective nurses in the future.

There are 5 schools within Nebraska that are approved by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, and since there are not enough nurse educators to teach the nursing students, some 920 applicants who would have been potential nurses in the future were refused to enter the nursing program.  Because of this situation, great efforts must be made to provide some solution.  If the need for more nurse educators will be filled in, then more students will be encouraged to take up nursing and so Nebraska will be waiting for some nurses in the future.  When this happens, the issue on the lack of nurses will somehow be addressed.

In order to entice both nurses and nurse educators to practice their profession in Nebraska, the state then will have to make some considerable investment in its facilities, faculty and other related resources.  The shortage in nurse educators has come about because the average age of these nurse educators is 53 years old which means that they are all close to their retirement.

Another reality in Nebraska is that it has 86 medically underserved areas which affects about 43.13% of its total population, and among its overall nurse population, there are only 5.9% who are Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and have master’s degree.  In Nebraska, nurses get an average salary of $56,480 per year which is certainly lower than the national average.  Salaries of nurses though also depend on other factors such as the nurse’s level of education, location of work and also the level of his or her nursing work experience.

Nebraska is aware of its current condition about nurse shortage which is why it is not failing in making efforts to answer this issue, and initiatives are definitely being done.  One of the efforts being made is that some schools are being given assistance in financial resources to help them raise their capacity to educate more nursing students.

There are a lot of good schools in Nebraska where students of nursing can take advantage of good nursing programs and the best education.  If only there will be more nurse educators to fulfill the academic needs of the students, then more students can have the chance to experience the quality of education in these schools.

Some of the best schools in Nebraska are the following:


  1. University of Nebraska Medical Center
University of Nebraska Medical Center
42nd and Emile, Omaha, NE 68198

University of Nebraska Medical Center is one of the good schools for nursing in Nebraska which guarantees to provide unparalleled superior education as well as service and patient care.  This university ensures that its nursing students are all well- equipped to become very good nurses once they are out to become nurse professionals.  Their graduates become leaders in the field that nurtures personal as well as professional and also academic growth.

Nursing students at the University of Nebraska Medical Center can expect to study in an incomparable academic setting with a world class health science center that is dedicated to uplift care quality, patient safety and also evidence- based practice.  This university definitely offers high quality of education as it is ranked as one of the top nursing schools in Nebraska.

University of Nebraska Medical Center is certainly progressive and modern and has a student- centered learning technology.


  1. Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178

Creighton University has been giving good quality of educationfor almost 60 years now, and since then this university has been at the forefront in training the next generation of nurses and making sure that they will be leaders in the profession.  Creighton University offers programs that are advanced in both Omaha and Hastings campuses.

Its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is a 4 year BSN program which began in 1928.  This program is known to create graduates who constantly surpass the national average for first time pass ratio in the national licensing examinations.

Creighton University also has a BSN Accelerated Program which started in 1975.  This particular program is considered as one of the oldest programs in the nation.  Its BSN Accelerated Program can be completed in a period of 1 year.

Its Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program on the other hand contributes to the society by developing nurses who are critical thinkers as well as team leaders.  This program also integrates nursing courses with classes through Creiton Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Creighton University was the earliest in Nebraska to provide advanced practice program that comes with BSN to DNP and PM to DMP path.  This university also has a Clinical Education and Simulation Center that has a state of the art learning environment that imitates actual patient care, at the same time, through this program the university has made partnership with Mary Lanning Health Care which is a recognized acute care facility with 195 beds and offers 29 medical medical specialties.

Creighton University also offers Clinical Nurse Leader Curriculum which is one of the first national pilot sites for the CNL program.  This program trains clinicians with advanced nursing knowledge and also skills to make sure that patients are able to take advantage of the most current innovations in health care.  Because of this program, Creighton University becomes one of the few schools in Nebraska that is able to prepare graduates who are qualified to obtain a CNL certificate.

Aside from having very good programs for nurses, Creighton University also exposes its students in community involvement by allowing them to do outreach programs by providing a yearly health screening for over 9,000 school kids in Omaha.  Its students also got a national recognition for creating a compassionate care tool kit that is intended for Hepatitis C patients and their families.

Creighton University is also a well- accredited university by the different Boards of Commissions such as National League for Nursing and Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.


  1. Clarkson College
101 S. 42 Street Omaha, NE 68131
PH 402 552 3100
TF 800 647 5500

Another good school for nursing in Nebraska is Clarkson College which has courses that are designed to provide a foundation for modern- day knowledge in science as well as humanities and other similar professional disciplines with a curriculum that focuses on critical thinking, health and human functioning and also client and family centered.

The first program that was ever offered at Clarkson College is its Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and the quality of education is maintained by keeping the class sizes to a minimum.  At Clarkson College, students can also expect to be taught by nurse educators who have very good credentials in the field of nursing and at the same time have a broad experience in the nursing profession.

Nursing students are also encouraged to have hands- on training in the campus labs as well as in other health care settings such as hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities even while still they are in their first year in the program.

What is even interesting is that students can have the option to finish their courses online.


  1. Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing and Allied Health
720 N. 87th Street
Omaha, NE 68114
(402) 354-7000

Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing and Allied Health is the sole nursing as well as allied health college in Omaha that has been in constant operation since 1891.  This school’s first baccalaureate degrees were bestowed in the spring of 1989.  This university has also been open to so many developments and changes through its years of existence such that its name from the School of Nursing was changed to the Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing and Allied Health.

Because of careful and intensive planning, this university was able to build a long term plan that will support this academic institution’s steady and stable growth in terms of student head count and program offerings.  Also through its effort to expand the program, it has also added significant allied health programs, and in September 2005, the new Josie Harper Campus within the university was inaugurated.

This new campus is a breakthrough in both development as well as the history of the school as it houses the Riley- Leinart Center which contains the office buildings for faculty and other administrative staff, some classrooms and nursing skills lab.  It also has the Clark Center where students can find classrooms, labs, common areas, fitness center, bookstore, library, health center and student center.


  1. College of Saint Mary
7000 Mercy Road
Omaha, Nebraska 68106-2377

College of Saint Mary was founded by the Sisters of Mercy and is committed to provide academic excellence and service by offering learning privileges that empowers the women and help them to achieve and realize their personal sense of self and self- worth.

All religions are welcome in this academic institution and the cost of education is definitely affordable.  College of Saint Mary is found in Omaha and has an objective to help the women in the society to realize their potential and identity through education.



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