The Best Nursing Schools in Montana

Many areas in the United States are suffering from the shortage of nurses, and the degree of severity varies according per each state.  Some are in critical need of more nurses while others are not experiencing nurse shortage as much as the other states.  Montana is one of the areas in the United States that is not in critical shortage of nurses, but it is aware that when the demand for nurses increases, it also means that good quality of nursing care will diminish as well.

Presently, Montana has other concerns that must be given some solutions soon so that they can cope with the increasing demand for health care.  At the moment, Montana needs to address its concern regarding the lack of nurse educators within the state so that more students can pursue a degree in nursing, and this way there will also be more potential nurses in the future.

As projected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for nurses will grow by about 19% when the year 2020 comes if the current concern is not resolved right away because at this time, about 30% of the nursing work force are fast approaching their retirement.  There are 3 schools in Montana that are approved by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, but because of the lack of nurse educators, some 300 applicants who are qualified to enter the nursing program were refused enrollment.  Shortage of nurses in the state is greatly felt in the rural areas.  Aside from lack of nurse educators, Montana also does not have enough nurses who are Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and have master’s degree.

Montana has about 55 medically underserved areas which affects around 51.9% of the entire population which is why the current issues with regards to health care staff must be resolved right away so that the number of affected areas will no longer grow big.  Students who are candidates for pre- licensure nursing are finding ways to do their training in other nearby states, which is why Montana is also making some efforts to attract students.  One of the efforts being done is that they are making online programs more accessible, and more than this the state is also offering other incentives such as making the nursing profession more interesting and attractive.  Also, they give bonus programs and offers student debt repayment.

The average salary of nurses in Montana is around $54,000 which falls below the national average, but nurses who possess higher education gets the chance to have better salaries.  Pay of nurses also depend on other factors such as location and specialization.

Some of the best schools in Montana where students can obtain a nursing degree with a good quality of education are the following:

  1. Montana State University
College of Nursing
Montana State University
P.O. Box 173560
Bozeman, MT 59717-3560
Tel: (406) 994-3783
Fax: (406) 994-6020

One of the good schools within the state of Montana is the Montana State University whose aim is to train their nursing students to become leaders in their nursing profession by providing them with superior education as well as research and also practice and service while still in the university.  Montana State University also provides an environment that is interactive as well as dynamic that will be beneficial to both the faculty and also the students.

This university also aims to develop nurses who will be leaders in their profession by way of generating, translating and disseminating knowledge through research and other activities that are academically related.  Aside from offering high quality of education, Montana State University also intends to promote health and wellness through different avenues such as professional practice, collaboration, consultation, civic involvement and also leadership.

One of the 8 colleges that can be found within Montana State University is the MSU- Bozeman College of Nursing.  This academic institution is the only university that offers graduate nursing education that is rurally- centered.  Some of these programs are Master of Nursing Clinical Nurse Leader and Doctor of Nursing Practice which prepare the students to obtain certification as Family Nurse Practitioners and also Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners.

Montana State University has the most number of baccalaureate prepared nurses who are ready to perform their duty as nursing professionals.  This university has been providing superior education since it was established in 1937, and starting in 1949 Montana State University has been getting national accreditations.  Because of its various programs, this university then has become valuable in becoming both an educational and also a clinical resources in Montana.

  1. Montana State University Northern
Montana State University-Northern
P.O. Box 7751
300 13th St West
Havre, MT 59501

Students of nursing can also take a look at Montana State University Northern which is another good school that offers nursing programs within Montana.  Montana State University Northern offers an institution of excellence and also has various programs that are inspiring as much as thought- provoking.

This university maintains its dedication to provide the students with the best quality of education, and at the same time assist them in achieving this type of education and learning as Montana State University Northern is composed of highly supportive staff and faculty.

For those who would like to get further information about this university, students can check out or write them by sending inquiries to P.O. Box 7751 300 13th St. West Havne, MT 59501.

  1. Carroll College
1601 N Benton Ave. Helena, MT 59625
800.992.3648 | 406.447.4300

One of the best schools within Montana is Carroll College which provides nursing students 3 years of varied nursing clinicals that are incorporated in their nursing curriculum as well as in other liberal arts courses.  What is good about this university is that students are able to experience their nursing clinicals during their second year.  Because of this type of program, nursing students at Carroll College are able to apply their classroom knowledge to real life situations.

Another specialty of Carroll College is that it develops the students to have critical thinking, and also enables them to make use of the most modern nursing simulation center that gives them the chance to practice clinical skills as well as simulated patient experiences.  Nursing students of Carroll College are also exposed to different environments which makes them able to be comfortable in various settings such as local hospitals, public health, assisted living, long term care, home- visits, psychiatric and school.

At Carroll College, students can expect to have quality of education as it has a low faculty to student ratio and at the same time offers a personalized leaning experience.  Graduates of Carroll College are known to be passers of NCLEX and are guaranteed to get employment within 6 months after graduation.

  1. The University of Montana

At The University of Montana, students of nursing are trained to play an essential role in patient care and recovery through its Associate degree in RN.  Nursing students at The University of Montana are also taught to enhance their knowledge and skills to support health, prevent disease, help patients and also cope with diseases.

Because they develop their nurses to become well- rounded nursing professionals at The University of Montana, their graduates are employed in various health care settings doing hands- on direct patient care with tasks that include: observing, assessing as well as recording symptoms and reactions and also the progress and the outcomes of a patient’s health concern.

The University of Montana also ensures that it provides an environment that is conducive to the students’ learning in a way that is dynamic and superior through educational as well as clinical opportunities.  This university also produces an atmosphere of partnership and mentorship between its faculty, student and staff.

The University of Montana encourages to develop and enhance skills in every student such as discovery, creativity, critical thinking skills and also competencies at both practical and associate degree nursing entry level.  Once a student completes an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing program, he or she can already take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX).

In order to become a Registered Nurse, the applicant needs to possess certain qualifications which includes: High School diploma, and that he or she must have completed the AA general prerequisite courses with at least a grade of C except in SCN 201N and SCN202N which needs higher grade requirements.  Another requirement is that the student must have at least completed the final semester of the PN program and must have a grade point average of at least 2.75.

  1. Montana State University Billings
1500 University Drive
Billings, MT 59101

Montana State University Billings’ College of Allied Health Professions began in 2004 with an aim to give focus to a much wider definition of allied health which comes with academic programs in different branches such as behavioral sciences, therapeutic sciences and also support services.

This university makes sure that its nursing students are well- prepared to face the challenging realities once they step out of the university by providing them the proper curriculum and skills through a very supportive faculty as well administrative services.  The Montana State University Billings also gives emphasis on comprehensive education which consists of critical thinking, literacy, historical consciousness, multi- cultural experience as well as sense of values.

Montana State University Billings also fosters excellence in teaching, service and also research.





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