The Best Nursing Schools in Mississippi

Nursing has a faster growing pace than any other type of jobs, perhaps it is because people of any age are always in need of health care assistance.  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, some 1 million nurses more will be needed by 2020.  At the present time, around 30 states are suffering from severe shortage of nurses, and one of those included in this list of those undergoing critical nurse shortage is the state of Mississippi.  If this problem is not addressed at the soonest time, then a total of 44 states will experience this kind of concern.

Currently, the shortage of nurses in Mississippi is around 7.7%, and because of this alarming condition, the state has developed and has implemented as well some initiatives, policies and procedures to try to solve this problem.  In Mississippi, there are only 8 schools that are approved by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, and because there are no sufficient number of nurse educators who are supposed to teach the students of nursing the proper education and training to become effective nurses in the future, around 461 potential students who can enter the nursing program were refused to be accepted.

In Mississippi, there is not only lack of nurses but also this state is in great need nurse educators.  If the concern on the shortage of nurse educators is resolved, then more students will be able to pursue a degree in nursing then there will be hope for Mississippi to have more nurses in the future.  Aside from these concerns, Mississippi has other more matters to worry about such as in its total nurse population, only 20% have BSN education and only 2% are on their way to obtain a BSN.

Nurses who possess a master’s degree are much even lower and only about 6.5% are Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).  The shortage of nurses is a kind of concern that needs to be given a solution right away because 60% of Mississippi’s population reside in medically underserved areas.  Aside from hospitals, community settings also experience the highest vacancy rates with regards to the nursing position.

Mississippi offers a good compensation package to attract more nurses, so in this state the average salary of a nurse is $70,000 which is higher than the national average.  This figure still does not include bonuses and other benefits.  Nurses with higher levels of education also get the chance to earn more.

The need for a lot of nurse educators must be addressed as soon as possible so that more students will be able to experience the quality of education in the schools of nursing in Mississippi.  There are certainly so many good schools with equally good nursing programs in Mississippi which is why there should be more nurse educators so that more students will be accommodated as well.

Some of the best schools in Mississippi are the following:

  1. Mississippi University for Women

Mississippi University For Women
1100 College Street Columbus, MS 39701
phone: 662.329.4750 or 877.462.8439

One of the best universities in Mississippi is the Mississippi University for Women where students of nursing can expect to obtain high quality of education.  This university offers various degree programs such as Associate of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Speech Language Pathology, Masters of Science in Nursing or Speech Language Pathology and Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Mississippi University for Women has consistently been known to have graduates who have high pass rates in different examinations such as the national exams, licensure exams as well as certification exams.  All the nursing programs that are offered at the Mississippi University for Women are approved and recognized by either Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing or Collegiate Nursing Education.

This university guarantees that it trains its nursing students in a holistic approach so that when they become nursing professionals, they would create a significant impact on the field by making important contributions to health care.  Because of this, both the university’s students and graduates are given several awards and recognitions locally and also nationally.  Some of the recognitions and awards that they receive are National Spirit of Nursing Award, National Pfizer Advanced Nurse Practitioner Award for exceptional contributions to health care and the National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing Educator Award.

Mississippi University for Women’s Master of Science in Speech- Language Pathology program is approved by the Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech- Language- Hearing Association.  Graduates of this program get 100% employment rate as well as high pass rates on the national examinations.

  1. University of Southern Mississippi

University of Southern Mississippi
The University of Southern Mississippi
118 College Drive, Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001

Another good school around Mississippi is the University of Southern Mississippi which was first established in 1967 as University of Southern Mississippi College of Nursing and was further developed because of the foresight of the diploma program faculty at the Mercy Hospital College of Nursing that is in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  This was guided by Sister Mary Remegius who was also known as Elizabeth Harkins, and so in 1965 the nursing education was placed under a degree granting institution.

Dr. Elizabeth Harkins then became the very first dean of University of Southern Mississippi’s School of Nursing.  In 1980, Dr. Harkins retired from her position as a dean, but maintained an office in the school until her death in 1997.  After the leadership of Dr. Harkins, Dr. Jeri Laube Morgan became the dean of the university’s School of Nursing.  It was in Dr. Morgan’s leadership when the College of Nursing became popular in the area of the southern region.

Dr. Joyce Bain followed after Dr. Morgan’s term.  Dr, Bain has a formidable background in business and administration. Because of Dr. Bain, the university’s College of Nursing increased in its number of programs offered, and at the same time the university’s nursing students also multiplied.  After Dr. Joyce Bain was Dr. Gerry Cadenhead Fletcher who was an educator at the College of Nursing for a long time before working in service.

Dr. Fletcher introduced business as well as professional leadership into the college and believed that the main role of the nursing program is to be able to address the needs of both the nursing profession as well as the community that it serves.   Other deans who followed and led the College of Nursing were Dr. Anna Brock, Dr. Marie Farrell and Dr. Katherine Nugent.

  1. University of Mississippi Medical Center

University of Mississippi Medical Center
2500 North State Street
Jackson, MS 39216

University of Mississippi Medical Center is one of the best universities that offer several nursing programs in Mississippi.  It was in 1948 when the Department of Nursing was launched at the University of Mississippi campus in Oxford, and it was 10 year later when the school status was attained.  This School of Nursing was transferred in 1956 to the University of Mississippi Medical Center campus which is in Jackson, and it was also when it started to offer the first baccalaureate nursing program in Mississippi.

University of Mississippi Medical Center offers various degrees such as bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral and has programs available for both the undergraduate and the graduate students.  In this School of Nursing, students can expect hands- on, multidisciplinary clinical training on Mississippi’s only academic health science campus.

This university ensures that its students are well- prepared when they become nurse professionals in the sense that they are comfortable with the different types of health care settings.  Its School of Nursing has partnerships with over 200 hospitals, community health centers, health department, mental health facilities, private practice clinics, community clinics and also schools.

All its programs are recognized by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, and this university also holds one of the country’s research departments.  University of Mississippi Medical Center is also a flourishing health sciences campus as well as medical center in Jackson.

  1. William Carey University

William Carey University
498 Tuscan Avenue Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39401
Phone: (601) 318-6051

William Carey University’s School of Nursing has been in existence for almost half a century already.  This university offers programs of study on each of its two campuses which are in Hattiesburg, MS and Tradition, MSand also one off- campus site which is in Slidell, LA.

The campuses in Mississippi are accredited by the Institutions of Higher Learning, while the campus in Louisiana is recognized by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing.  William Carey University offers various degrees such as bachelor’s master’s and PhD and is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

This university also believes that the School of Nursing must have these aims and objectives: attainment of knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary for effective nursing care; enhancement of critical and lifelong values and practices that raises continued success as a professional nurse, and lastly the School of Nursing must meet the criteria of the state and national licensure and certification.

  1. Alcorn State University

Alcorn State University
Alcorn State University, 1000 ASU Drive, Lorman, Mississippi 39096-7500

Alcorn State University is another good school in Mississippi which is proud of its nursing graduates as they become not only very competent nurse professionals but also are caring and compassionate to their patients.  Alcorn State University integrates evidence- based knowledge and skills which is capable of meeting the patient’s overall needs.

It offers various degrees such as associate, bachelor’s and master’s as well as post master’s certificate.


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