The Best Nursing Schools in Minnesota

Since 2003, the state of Minnesota has been experiencing a major shortage of nurses. The problem is now being felt by the medical health industry.  Every additional patient taken into the care of one nurse has a higher rate of expiring today since proper nursing attention cannot be guaranteed.

Since that year, studies have been made through the efforts of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and with it came a number of reasons why nursing in the state is on a tailspin dive. The primary reason is that a lot of the presence workforce has aged are went into retirement. The second big contributor to this problem is that the number of people taking up nurses has not grown in number. This is mainly due to the fact that there are only 22 accredited schools under the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.  With this, more than a thousand nursing applicants had to be denied enrollment in the state. Counter measures have been laid by the state government like offering higher pay to their existing workforce with the hope that this becomes a motivational factor for people to take up nursing as a profession and to allay the problems brought about by the high turnover rate.

The backlog is most heavily felt on the nurse educator position. The worse effect of the shortage of nurse educator is that there might be no one to teach future nurses and this will definitely affect the number of enrollees for each year. Then there is the problem of mass retirement as most nursing educators are about to retire in the very near future. The state government is offering some motivational programs to induce interest in current nurses to take up their masters course.

Then there is the complicated situation between the current system and client. This involves the countless systems, changes in procedures and policies that current nurses deal with on a daily basis. And then of course, there is the complicated situations of their patients they have to care for, particularly those who are suffering from serious disease. Hospitals today operate and run on a very low budget and with this, they have to get patients out on discharge as soon as they can. This only means one thing, the nurses have the added pressure of giving all the proper care to their patients in a shorter period of time. With all these combined, a lot of nurses have transferred to other states or have chosen a different career.

The state government is offering a good number packages to attract more workforce. This is always a good thing except when a lot of it goes to the system technology aspect of nursing care. This is aimed at improve the information faculties of nursing. But with the lack of nurses, the current workforce is forced to absorb all these information thus leading to more pressure at work.

One thing going for the workforce in Minnesota is that the median income of nurses is at a high 73,770 U.S. dollars.


  1. Walden University

The Walden University School of Nursing gives out a lot of avenues related to the academically training their students that will benefit them in giving quality nursing care to their patients, the health facility they will be employed in the future and in community service.

The programs that the school offers will definitely help the nursing students to be the best nurse practitioner they can be as all the programs of the school, namely, graduate, undergraduate, certificate degrees, vocational degrees and special fields of nursing are of top notch quality and can be taken online.

All of the courses offered were done in accordance with a number of respected people and organizations and are all under the leadership of qualifies experts. This ensures the students of the best quality education a school can offer. They also have sessions where the students practice nursing care in a simulated environment. This allows them a peak into the real world of nursing.

This university has been at the forefront of nursing education for more than four decades. They have been known to uphold the high quality standards of education that they offer all throughout these years.  The university’s school of nursing has always offered programs and degrees that aims to emphasize the latest techniques and information regarding the field of nursing.


Address: Walden University, 100 Washington Avenue South, Suite 900, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401


  1. The College of Saint Scholastica

The College of Saint Scholastica School of Nursing is the biggest nursing school in the state of Minnesota. The school has connections to a good number of health facilities in both urban and rural areas, small scale and large, and inside hospitals and community health care centers. The school tries to supply the nursing needs of the community with particular focus on areas with underlying populous. These include rural neighborhoods and mental health patients.

The first type of degree program the school offers is the undergraduate degree. This comes in three forms wherein a student chooses a way to finish her nursing course. These are the online Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science, the Post-Baccalaureate degree and the Regular degree. These degrees are all pre-licensure degrees that has the approval of the Minnesota Board of Nursing. These are the courses that help the school prepare the undergraduates for a career in nursing.  At this level, the students are induced to practice imperative and situational thinking, applying the proper nursing care, communicating and working hand in hand with nurses and doctors.

The second type of education offered at this school is the graduate type of education. This is called the Doctor of Nursing Practice as an after masters optional degree for those who have successfully passed their BS to DNP for preparation to become registered nurses. These courses provide multi level educational features that include post graduate aspects of all areas of nursing.

Nursing Information is also offered as a certificate course in the school. It is offered on the internet and offers to educate nurses about information in health and nursing care by training them to communicate information to their patients.


Address: Science Center, Room 3216, 1200 Kenwood Ave, Duluth, MN 55811


  1. University of Minnesota Twin Cities

The mission of The University of Minnesota Twin cities School of Nursing is to facilitate preparedness of leaders in the field of nursing who can willingly practice, lead and come up with holistic approaches for the betterment of the patients and student nurses they will come in touch with.

The school envisions the world of nursing where practitioners lead collective practices to help achieve the best care for every patient they will handle. 2009 was the year the school celebrated the centenary year of the school of nursing.

In recent years the school has put up facilities to help their students in their education. The Bentson Center, aimed to simulate practical environments of nursing care was built in 2013.

Its Doctor of Nursing course is one of the biggest in the whole country. Its’ graduate courses puts it at 21st spot of the top post graduate nursing studies in the country.

The school celebrated 100 years of leading nursing and health innovation in 2009.


Address:  308 Harvard St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, United States


  1. St Catherine University

St. Catherine’s School of Nursing or simply St. Kate’s is just one of those colleges that offer multi-level nursing courses in the country will full degrees offered under RN to Bs degree, Bachelor in Science degree, Masters’ Degree and Doctorate degrees.

The Bachelor in Science in Nursing Degree is open to all those who want to take up nursing in college. High School graduates and those students from other courses wishing to transfer to a nursing degree are all welcome as well. Graduates of a Bachelor’s Degree in another course but want to pursue a degree in nursing may well enroll in a Masters Course in an entry level. Because the slots available in this degree are minimal, there are a lot of people trying to gain admission and most of students with a bachelor’s diploma are seeking enrollment too.


Address : St. Paul Campus: 2004 Randolph Ave., St. Paul MN 55105: Minneapolis Campus 601 25th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55454.


  1. Winona State University

Winona State University welcomes those who are interested in taking up a nursing course with open arms.  The Department of Nursing is a source of high quality education in this part of Minnesota for more than four decades. The department is found in two campuses in Rochester and Winona. Students who want to become nurses or those who want to shift to nursing may apply for admission in any nursing undergraduate course they offer. The main focus of the school is to develop nurses to become creative, behaved, responsible and caring nurses and nurse leaders and educators who can give the best nursing care to patients, communities, families in various settings and environment. Graduates of the school of nursing tend to be patient centered which means they are focused on giving care to them.

Address: Winona State University, P.O. Box 5838, 175 West Mark Street, Winona, MN 55897

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