The Best Nursing Schools in Michigan

The state of Michigan is now experiencing a major shortage of nurses. Unfortunately, if things don’t get better, their health system will be severely affected by this problem. One of the big reasons why this has become a problem is the fact that a lot of these nurses are nearing retirement age so as the years go by, the gap will get bigger. Although this may be a problem, this is a good problem for those who want to become nurses.

Studies have shown that the field of primary care has the highest need for nurses. A very low rate of nurses in advance fields are in primary care nursing. But the field that has the highest demand is in Women’s healthcare.

There was a survey conducted in 2008 and close to 40 percent of those nurses who participated hinted that they will retire within a decade. It is 2015 today, so in three years time, there will a back log of more than 5 thousand nurses by 2018.

The local health government is also looking into the nurse educator field because most of the educators in the state of Michigan are at least above fifty years of age. The reality is that a great number of these educators can retire at this moment. Unfortunately, the problem is compounded by the lack of nursing schools in the state. 4,298 interested students were not allowed to enroll in the 2005 to 2006 school year.

The state of Michigan has identified exactly 502 parts of Michigan that are in dire need of health practitioners. Among these parts 224 of these are in need of primary health care practitioners. A whopping amount of 490 providers of primary care are in demand right now since most of the population of the state, exactly 63.63 percent, live in within these parts.

There are two other conditions that will directly affect the demand for nurses. First is the positive growth of the state’s economy. The second is that the general population is aging therefore the demand in nursing, specifically in primary care is on high demand.

The high demand for nursing professionals in the state differs depending on the area and the facility involved. Some hospitals are experiencing worse shortage than compared to others. A total of 15 billion U.S. dollars is what the state receives from those practicing in the nursing profession. Michigan nurses make an average of 65 thousand U.S. dollars per year. But the median income does not reflect the wide difference between the highest and lowest salaried nurse. What dictates the disparity are the location where the nurse practices and the type of nursing education she undertook. Te highest paid nurses are the ones with post graduate credentials like a master’s or doctorate. One thing that Michigan would like to achieve is to make sure their nursing professionals are graduates of a Bachelor in Science program.

To be able to achieve this, they have identified the five best nursing schools in Michigan.


1.            The University of Michigan Ann Arbor School of Nursing

The main focus of the University of Michigan a very convenient study atmosphere that focuses on the development of the nursing profession and all the nurses within the community. This set up is supported by professionals who do research work on new ideas, nursing educators applying all the necessary knowledge for students to practice and students exemplifying their desire to one day help care for the physically sick. All these make the school emotionally and spiritually prepared in helping train the best nurses for the future. These are the things that the schools’ management want to share to those who are interested in becoming a nurse. Applicants can visit the campus at 400 N Ingalls St., Ann Arbor, Mi 48109. They can be reached at (734)763-5985. For more information, applicants may log on to


2.            Oakland University

This school of nursing lives by the words once said by the mother of the nursing profession, Florence Nightingale. She said “Unless we are making progress in nursing every year, every month, every week, take my word for it, we are going back.” These words are the driving force that keeps pushing this school to achieve excellence in educating future nurses. This is being practiced in the different nursing programs and practical approaches.

The Oakland University School of Nursing or SON has the biggest student population that is supported by the state government in the whole of Michigan. It has a total of 1,648 students enrolled in various degree programs and 236 students enrolled in post-graduate studies. Almost a hundred percent of those who graduate from this school are employed within the Detroit area. Around 268 clinical rotation sites are provided for all undergraduate students and 360 practical sessions so that the students can actually develop their approach in nursing care in an actual environment. This allows the students the exposure in the best hospitals Michigan has to offer.

Address: Suite 3027 Human Health Building, 2200 N Squirrel Road, Rochester, MI 48309-4401.



3.            Madonna University

The Madonna University is a Catholic School run by the Franciscan Order. The School of Nursing focuses on helping the undergraduates, licensure students and post-graduate students inculcate in them the importance of what it is like to be real nurses. Leaders and superior nurses ais what this school intends on breeding. Their Bachelor in Science in Nursing serves as the great backbone of all types of nursing students enrolled in their varied nursing programs. The undergraduate nursing degrees are all under direct monitorship of the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or CONE and has the approval of the Michigan Board of Nursing.

All their nursing courses and degrees that the school offers manifest the Franciscan way of treating, training and educating their students. This includes the Christian way of helping the sick and their invaluable dedication to serving people. The undergraduate program is strictly based on the belief that educating and training these future nurses is the best way to help them achieve their goals of being nurses. The important thing that the school gives these students is that all the programs are based on actual nursing practices, nursing care in holistic approach, and finally all of these are combined in a community service center nursing approach. This approach implies the importance of compassion, honesty, good natured actuations and social behavior to patients.

The members of staff and faculty provide the best full concentration in training and educating their students whenever they are taking their theoretical classes, laboratory sessions, actual practical trainings, and their yearly exposure to real nursing care scenarios. Their nursing educators are some of the best at giving their students all the preparations they will be needing when they set out in the real world of nursing in hospitals and other health care facilities. They are equipped in helping out students prepare themselves with all the knowledge they need to succeed and give the best nursing care they can. They are all prime believers of the mantra “Your Success is our Greatest Achievement.”


Address: 36600 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, MI 48150


4.            Wayne State University

Wayne University’s College of Nursing inspires nursing students to become the best nurse that they can be in the future. The school is focusing its efforts in giving their students the world class educational training that they need. The faculty members spearheads the research of new nursing practical ideas that they also teach their nursing students. Their research is mainly focused on promotion of a healthy lifestyle, symptom detection and identification and health statistics in urban areas. With the educational support the school offers the  students combined their modern and advanced educational equipment assures students that they are going to have top notch quality of education in the field of nursing as head researchers, nursing educators and professional nurses. The school is located right in the heart of Detroit.

Website :

Address: College of Nursing, 5557 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48202


5.            Grand Valley State University

The Grand Valley State University Kirkhof College of Nursing is aimed at offering the best possible nursing education and training to its’ students. This is exemplified in their willingness to train their students into becoming the best nursing after they graduate as nursing educators, practical nursing and through scholarship awards.

The Kirkhof College of Nursing will be at the forefront of the development of partnering with varied communities which they intend to help out medically. It also intends to develop the latest techniques in nursing care that they will provide to various communities. The school has practical approaches that benefit these communities. With the strong background of good quality education, research and actual service, the school can service any community out there. The school itself is a community of vastly diversified graduates, students, educators and staff. Some of these people are considered to be pioneers in practical nursing approaches and education in nursing.

Website :

Address : Cook DeVos Center for Health Sciences, 301 Michigan St., NE Suite 300, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49503-3314.

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