The Best Nursing Schools in Maine

Maine is a state in the United States that is a highly rural area and in fact has a lot of areas that are medically underserved as well.  But even if Maine is very rural, only about 55.65% of its total population reside in the rural areas of the state.  It is a reality that so many areas in the United States are currently experiencing shortage in nurses, but this kind of condition in Maine is not as critical as in many other parts of the United States.

But even if the shortage of nurses in Maine is not so severe, still the need for more nurses must be addressed even before it gets worse because presently, the population in Maine as well as the current nursing work force is also approaching its retirement years so when these nurses finally retire, then the need for more nurses will become more obvious.  The retirement of old nurses is somehow delayed because most of them still stay in their jobs for financial security.

The state of Maine is aware of the present problem that concerns the shortage of nurses which is why some great efforts are being made with the hope that the issue will be resolved.  One of the efforts being done by its government is through having Nurse Reinvestment Act.  The state policy makers along with the nurse leaders are also continuously creating efforts to make something such as “preferred future” for the nursing work force.  The state is hopeful that through the efforts that are being done, the issue with regards to the shortage of nurses will be addressed at the soonest time.

Aside from nurses, the state of Maine is also undergoing a crisis in terms of nurse educators because currently, they are also in great need of nurse educators.  At the present time, around 264 students who are well- qualified to enter the nursing program were simply refused to enroll in the nursing program because there are no sufficient number of nurse educators to accommodate the interested nursing students.

In Maine, there is also a high demand for nurses who have high levels of education because presently, of the 23,073 registered nurses within the state, only about 8% are Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).  The demand is certainly high for nurses with a master’s degree, but the minimum requirement is that the nurses must at least have a bachelor’s degree.

Nurses in Maine get an average salary of $56,000 per year which is 12% below the national average, but it might also perhaps be helpful to note that the cost of living in Maine is also low.  Nurses who get high salary in this state are those who are employed by the private sectors and also the insurance companies; and the highest earners among nurses are those who specialize in Cardiac Catheterization, while the lowest earners are those who specialize in medical surgery.

If only there are enough nurse educators in Maine who can provide the proper training and education to the future nurses, then more students will be encouraged to take up a nursing program.  When this happens, then the concern with regards to the shortage of nurses will be given some solution.

Maine has also a lot of good schools where students can study nursing, and some of the best universities in the state are the following:

  1. University of Southern Maine
University of Southern Maine
A Member of the University of Maine System
PO Box 9300, Portland, ME 04104

University of Southern Maine is one of the best schools in the state which is located in a lovely setting which is at the southern end of Maine.  This university is known for having excellent faculty as well as programs which ensures that the students will get a high quality of education.  It also has solid community partnerships that allows its students and faculty to collaborate with other organizations.  Aside from commitment to education, University of Southern Maine is also dedicated to offer professional and community service as well as scholarships.

Its Master’s and Baccalaureate programs are all approved and accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.  This university’s baccalaureate program leads to a BS, and its RN leads to a BSN.  Its BS program is available in both its Portland and the Lewiston- Auburn campus.  University of Southern Maine’s RN to BS program is a hybrid program that is both available on- campus and online.  Another interesting program in this university is that it offers Accelerated BS in Nursing which was designed for those who already have a baccalaureate degree.  The Accelerated BS in Nursing program is available in its Portland campus.

The Master of Science program at the University of Southern Maine centers in preparing its graduates for practice in different health care environments.  All the programs at this university are meant to prepare nurses to become nurse practitioners, clinical educators and the like.  The baccalaureate degree in this university is founded on theory and also research in nursing.  The RN to MS program is designed for the registered nurses who does not have a bachelor’s degree yet, while the Master of Science is for the students with a baccalaureate degree and are not nurses.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice program of this university trains its graduates to provide advanced level of nursing care to both the communities as well as the individuals.  This program is only available in its Portland campus.

  1. Saint Joseph’s College of Maine
278 Whites Bridge Road
Standish, ME 04084
General Inquiries: 1-855-SJC-INFO
Campus Admissions: 1-800-338-7057

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine is another good school in the state where students can expect to obtain high quality of education.  In this university, students can anticipate to further their knowledge in different aspects such as evidence- based care, clinical decision making, ethical practice, population- based care, health promotion and also disease prevention.

The baccalaureate as well as the master’s programs at the Saint Joseph’s College of Maine are approved by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, while its BSN program is accredited by the Maine State Board of Nursing.  The courses offered in this university integrates content with professional experience.  There is no on- campus residency required at this university and the fast track MSN External Icon option are open to those who have a grade point average of at least 3.0.

  1. Husson University
First Floor, O’Donnell Commons
Husson University
1 College Circle
Bangor, ME 04401

Husson University’s nursing program goes more than 100 years of existence, and is approved and recognized by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and also by the Maine State Board of Nursing.  Husson University develops students to become well- rounded professionals who can relate and at the same time communicate with different kinds of people, and also work in the different types of environment such that they will be comfortable working in mental health department and also in primary care.

Husson University is definitely another great choice of school to earn a nursing degree because with its years of experience, students can certainly expect to get high quality of education.

  1. University of New England
11 Hills Beach Road
Biddeford, ME 04005
United States

Another good school in Maine which is also one of the best universities within the state is the University of New England which is a small not for profit college.  This university can be found in Biddeford, Maine and has been giving high quality of education to its students since its foundation in 1831.

University of New England offers different types of degrees such as associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s which is available in two of its programs.  The cost of education at the University of New England is definitely high as the average tuition fee is about $34,000 for a whole academic year.  The tuition varies according to the program of the student.

The concern though with this university is that its location is somewhat not safe and in fact has a poor evaluation when it comes to personal safety.

  1. University of Maine
School of Nursing
5724 Dunn Hall
Orono, Maine 04469-5724
Phone: (207) 581-2592
Fax: (207) 581-2585

University of Maine is one of the best schools within the state that offers several nursing programs that is guaranteed to be learned with high quality.  This university’s nursing program began in 1939 and first had a baccalaureate program for nurses.  In 1958, the program was developed into a School of Nursing, and since then the growth of University of Maine’s nursing programs simply evolve continuously.

In 1992, another development at the University of Maine took place when it began to launch the Master of Science degree in Nursing.  This university’s baccalaureate program as well as its master’s program are all accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, while its BSN and MSN programs are all approved by the Maine State Board of Nursing.

University of Maine wishes to uphold its mission which is to be a center for learning, discovery and service to the public.  It also ensures that its graduates become professional nurses who exemplify a culture of care, and at the same time provides them with the necessary skills in order to become leaders in their profession.  University of Maine fosters a learning environment where knowledge is both created and shared.

The need for more nurses as well as nurse educators must be resolved soon so that the state will not have to experience the severity of the situation.


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