The Best Nursing Schools in Kentucky

It is a reality that many areas in the United States are experiencing shortage of nurses, but fortunately for Kentucky, the concern with regards to the shortage of nurses is not as critical as in other states.  The problem in Kentucky though is that there are less students who are taking 4 year nursing degree programs, but even with this issue it is somehow a surprise that about 673 students who are qualified to enter the nursing program were turned down.  This circumstance happened because there are not enough nurse educators to provide education and training to the potential nurses.

While the issue on nurse shortage is not so severe in Kentucky, there is still a need to increase the number of the nursing work force in the area because of the fact that the current nursing work force is almost nearing their retirement age.  As projected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state of Kentucky will need to have about 19% of nurse shortage when the year 2020 comes if this concern is not resolved right away.

Because Kentucky is very much aware of the condition, this state is definitely doing its best to make some great efforts with the hope to address the current need and situation.  One of the ways that it is trying to make to provide solution to the problem is through aggressive recruitment, which is why through this effort, Kentucky is predicting that many of the health care facilities will intensify their nursing work force by at least 45%.

Aside from this, some of the health care settings such as hospitals and community care settings are increasing their recruitment budget to twice its actual budget to entice new nurses to work actively in the field.  Kentucky recognizes the essence of the nurses in the community because if not for them, the entire health care system will also not function like how it really should which is the reason why their training as well their education greatly matters.

Another way to attract new nurses to work in hospitals or other health care settings is that the new graduates have the opportunity to tour hospitals and talk to the nurses on duty as well as to the nursing managers to answer their questions about the profession.  More than the already mentioned efforts, another way is that employers are giving incentives to the new hires by giving them bonuses and also vacation packages.

Since the state knows the importance of the quality of education in the nurses’ education, Kentucky has also made a lot of scholarship programs available to the students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.  Also, in the state of Kentucky about 80.87% of its population reside in medically underserved areas which is another reason why more nurses are needed.  And among the nursing population, only around 8.3% are Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).

The quality of education certainly is very important because it is also a determining factor for a nurse’s salary.  Aside from the level of education, salary is also dependent in the health care organization where the nurse is working for.  Geographical location is also another factor.  Nurses who work in hospitals earn more than in any other health care facilities, but those who work in rural settings definitely get more job satisfaction even if they get lower salary.  The demand for nurses in rural areas are also high.

Kentucky certainly has a lot of good schools that offer nursing programs which is why it is necessary that the issue on the lack of nurse educators must be addressed right away so that more students can take advantage of the school’s good quality of education.

Some of the best schools within Kentucky are as follows:

  1. Frontier Nursing University (FNU)
195 School Street
Hyden, Kentucky 41749
(606) 672-2312
(606) 672-3776

Frontier Nursing University has been around for more than about 75 years and was founded by Mary Breckinridge who has great commitment and dedication to knowledge as well as patient care.  This university was established in Hyden, Kentucky and is a pioneer in midwifery education and also graduate nursing.

Frontier Nursing University to this day is still on the lead when it comes to technology and innovation.  Among the programs that this university offers is distance education which is designed for nurses who are interested in nurse midwifery, family health as well as women’s health specialties.  Frontier Nursing University also offers advanced educational preparation for the nurses who wish to become nurse- midwives, family nurse practitioners or women’s health care nurses practitioners in a community based distance graduate program that will enable them to either have a Master of Science in Nursing, a Post Master’s Certificate or a Doctor of Nursing Practice.

These distance education programs allow the nurses to further their education without even having to leave their community which will then make learning more convenient and accessible for them.  Also in this program, these nurses get to have a hands- on clinical experience in the hospitals or clinics within the student’s community.  Another requirement for the distance education program is for the student to attend its two on- campus sessions.

  1. University of Kentucky
315 College of Nursing Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40536-0232
(859) 323-5108

In Kentucky, it is also worth taking a look at another good school which is University of Kentucky which is a public, land grant university that is committed to enhance the lives of the people throughout the state through excellence in different aspects such as education, creative work, health care, research as well as service.

This university is known to have one of the country’s top nursing programs in terms of public research universities, and at the same time the University of Kentucky also plays a significant role in leadership by supporting diversity, economic development and also human well- being.  Aside from this, this university also fosters superiority in nursing education, research as well as practice and also service that will be most appropriate to the constantly changing health care environment.

  1. Spalding University
845 South Third St.
Louisville, Kentucky 40203
Phone: (502) 585-9911
Admissions: (502) 585-7111
Toll Free: 1-800-896-8941

Spalding University is one of the best schools in the state of Kentucky that has been existing since 1933.  This university’s School of Nursing to this day continues to be at the forefront in ensuring excellence and commitment to the nursing practice by way of innovation in nursing education.  Spalding University continues to remain dedicated in providing high quality of education and utmost service.

This university’s first baccalaureate program in nursing was in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Because of its devotion in providing superior nursing education, Spalding University ensures that it grooms its graduates to become the best leaders once they are out in the industry.  In fact, this university has already provided its 2,500 graduates placements in different work environments where nurses are greatly needed such as hospitals, special care facilities, school, community agencies, and military among many others.

Spalding University’s graduates has shown excellence in the profession as they have become leaders and managers in the different fields of the health care industry which includes health care, health care ethics, public policy and also health care systems.

  1. University of Louisville
Health Sciences Campus, K-Wing
555 South Floyd Street
Suite 3019
Louisville, KY 40202

Another school within Kentucky that is also considered as one of the best in the state is University of Louisville which was ranked number 60 as one of the best schools in nursing by the US News and World Reports.  University of Louisville’s School of Nursing is located in its Health Sciences Center.  The location of this university is has a strategic location as it is accessible to both the Metro Louisville as well as the Kentucky communities.

The expansion of the Health Sciences Center of the University of Louisville enables them to attain growth in teaching, research as well as service missions.  This university also gives both its nursing faculty and students the chance to interact and at the same time partner in interdisciplinary and multi- site research such as clinical translational science awards.  Through this opportunity, the students and the faculty of nursing are then given the chance to learn with other health professionals by way of simulation technology.

  1. Western Kentucky University
Western Kentucky University © 2015
1906 College Heights Blvd.
Bowling Green, KY 42101

There are certainly so many good schools in Kentucky where students can expect to obtain high quality education, and another university which is definitely on the top list of schools within the state is the Western Kentucky University.  This university’s programs for nursing are all accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Kentucky State Board of Nursing, Member of the National League for Nursing and Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing which then guarantees that all of its nursing programs are most appropriate for the future nurses of Kentucky.

Western Kentucky University offers Associate of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing and also Doctor of Nursing Practice.  Nursing students then can expect that this university can provide them with the proper training and the right education in order to become effective nurses after they graduate from the nursing program.  It also ensures that its graduates are competitive both locally and internationally once they are in the real world.





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