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Unlike many areas in the United States, Iowa fortunately is not experiencing critical shortage in its nurses.  If ever it lacks some nurses, the shortage in number is not really alarming which is why before it even happens, Iowa is already making some efforts so that their area will never have to reach the point when they are going to be in severe need for more nurses.  Iowa is already acting now to prevent having the critical shortage in nurses because in the near future, a large percentage of their current nursing work force will begin to retire.

This change will take place within the next 10 years as about 46% of Iowa’s current nursing work force is already more than 50 years old, which means that they are approaching their retirement age.  In order to encourage more nurses in the state, there should be enough nurse educators as well to provide the future nurses the necessary training as well as the proper education for nurses.

Because there is somehow an insufficient number of nurse educators, around 55 students who have the necessary qualifications to enter the nursing program were turned down because of lack of nurse educators.  If only there are enough nurse educators in the state, then there would have been 55 more potential nurses in Iowa in the near future.  Iowa should exert more effort to address the shortage of nurse educators because this state without a doubt has a very good nursing program.

Iowa is the only state which implements and offers a residency program for the nurses who just graduated from a nursing program.  This residency program was designed to increase the qualification level and skills of the nursing graduates in the state.  Presently, there are about 6 hospitals who have this program.  These 6 hospitals offer 1 year of residency program, and there are around 83 other smaller hospitals who are also aiming to implement the residency program.  Aside from this, hospitals are also working to have online programs to make the nursing program more accessible to everyone.

At the present time, the online program is being tested by 150 nurses and for this, these nurses who are on the online program are given a $150,000 grant.  Iowa certainly wishes that other states would also follow their track in terms of having a residency program so that all nurses will be much more qualified.  This state is also gearing towards making its online programs more efficient and effective because the main goal of this program is to make the nurses stay in the profession.

Online education is less stressful than going to a physical campus which is why it is a big help to the nurses who are also actively working in the field and are simply pursuing higher education.  Iowa is doing its best to prevent their nurses from getting stressed because a lot of nurses leave the industry when the stress becomes too high for them.  Also if this program proves to be successful, then more nurses will stay in their profession and more nurses will be encouraged to at least get a bachelor’s degree as well.

In Iowa, nurses get an average salary of $65,000 and they guarantee that the job conditions in the area is very favorable.  Iowa hopes as well to make sure that in the future, quality health care can be accessed by all its residents because at this time, 69.05% of Iowa’s population live in medically underserved areas.

This state also has some best schools that offer programs for nursing, and some of these are the following:

  1. University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa 52242

University of Iowa has been providing high quality education since its foundation in 1898.  It has a team of well- credentialed faculty who possess superior clinical experiences as well as modern leadership.  This university is proud as it has one of the best nursing programs in the country, and that its graduates are much sought after by the employers.

University of Iowa is strongly an advocate of nursing as being recognized to be a profession of leaders, as well as scientists and also researchers.  This university equips its students the proper training, skills and knowledge in order to become nurse leaders when they get out of the field.  University of Iowa is also dedicated to develop nurse clinicians, educators as well as scholars in order to address the health needs of the entire population in the said state.

Being part of research intensive university, its College of Nursing reinforces research mission through both national and international leadership in advanced education as well as practice programs and also the generation of the most updated knowledge.

  1. Kaplan University Davenport
1801 East Kimberly Road, Suite 1
Davenport, IA 52807
Tel: 800.987.7734 (Toll Free)

Another good university in Iowa is Kaplan University Davenport which was originally established as the American Institute of Commerce in 1937, then in the early 2,000s Davenport became a part of the Kaplan community.  Kaplan University Davenport assists its students to become successful in the future by having a fulfilling and a fruitful career.

This university offers various degrees such as bachelor’s and associate’s, and also certificates that combines everything that a student needs to have in order to be well- equipped in the real world such as general education, professional skills and also career- focused training.  Students who are considering this university to be their potential school may schedule a campus tour so that they can have a feel of the university and see if it matches their personal requirements.

Kaplan University Davenport is also encouraging the adult learners to pursue their education by being supportive of their needs thus different types of learning are offered to them such as onsite classes, tutoring as well as online programs.  This university wishes to provide the students every need which is why it offers a complete support system that includes financial aid, counseling, academic advising, tutoring, study skills workshops, career services and time management exercises among many others.

At Kaplan University Davenport, they have an RN to BSN completion program wherein the students are prepared for the next level of professional opportunity, and they also have RN to BSN online program which guides the students to have new positions in specialized nursing and nursing management.

  1. Graceland University Lamoni
Lamoni, IA 50140

Graceland University Lamoni is also one of the best universities within Iowa where students can expect to receive high quality of education.  At its Independence, Missouri campus they have a BSN to RN degree completion program that allows the student to finish his or her education in only the period of 18 months.  This university is proud of its somehow personalized type of learning as it has a small class size that is taught by concerned instructors.

For Graceland University Lamoni, having an effective and proper classroom learning that is combined with lab and simulation practices are highly important towards having an overall knowledge.  This university also have different specialized clinical rotations in the local Kansas City area.  What more is that Graceland University Lamoni is also one of the few colleges in Iowa that has programs in nursing that offers the following: Bachelor of Art in Health Care Management, RN to BSN, RN to MSN as well as Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees that are available online.

Online programs that are offered by Graceland University Lamoni are definitely designed to be convenient for the working professionals, and the programs offered are:  BA in Health Care Management , RN to BSN, RN to MSN, Master of Nursing, Post Master of Nursing Certificate Programs and also Doctor of Nursing Practice.

  1. Mount Mercy University
1330 Elmhurst Drive NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
(319) 363-8213

Students can also take a look at Mount Mercy University which is another good school in the state of Iowa.  This university incorporates theoretical nursing content with simulation as well as skills and practice along with clinical experience in two types of settings such as community and in- patient.  At Mount Mercy University students are encouraged to be involved and take part in different clinical experiences to gain more knowledge about the nursing practice.

This university is based on the tradition of excellence with regards to the nursing education from the Spirit of the Sisters of Mercy.  At Mount Mercy University, students are able to expand their knowledge about the different types of work environment as they are exposed to various types of settings and people such as community health, free clinic, parish nursing, school nursing as well as service in two local hospitals of Mercy Medical Center and also Unity Point.

Mount Mercy University is committed to provide superior nursing education and at the same time offer other programs as well such as nursing administration and health advocacy.

  1. Allen College
Allen College
1990 Heath St
Waterloo, IA

One of the best schools within Iowa that offers nursing programs is Allen College which is a very small not for profit college that is located in Waterloo, Iowa.  This university was established in 1989 and offers various degrees such as bachelor’s, master’s and certificates are also available in 8 of the college’s nursing programs.

The cost of education at Allen College is relatively affordable as the tuition fee is about $19,000 for a year.  The location of this university is safe and has an excellent rating for on- campus security.

It is in competition with University of Iowa and Mount Mercy University.


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