The Best Nursing Schools in Arizona

Shortage of nurses is felt in many countries including the different parts of the United States.  One of the states that is currently suffering from this kind of concern is Arizona where lack of nurses is at its worst.  In fact for every 100,000 residents, there are only about 681 Registered Nurses which is certainly below the required national average of approximately 825.  This big gap in number definitely reveals the great shortage in the number of nurses in the state of Arizona.

As predicted by the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 10,000 more Registered Nurses will be needed by the year 2017 to address the health care needs of the people of Arizona.  The great need for nurses arises from several factors which includes the population that is obviously aging, and since people are living longer and have more complicated diseases thus is the need as well for more health care workers.  Another reason is the concern on obesity as well as the diseases that are related to it.  It is also because of the Affordable Care Act that more and more people are gaining access to Arizona’s health care.

Another pressing concern in Arizona is the reality that its workforce is comprised of workers or employees who are approaching their retirement age as well.  The need to answer the dilemma about the lack of nurses in the state of Arizona is something that must be dealt with the soonest time possible because more than the factors stated about why there is such a great need for health care practitioners such as nurses is because there are also 47 areas in the state which are medically underserved.

About 53.42% of the population in Arizona is not able to take advantage of the state’s high quality health care because of the shortage of nurses.  For this percentage to enjoy high quality health care, Arizona would need some 415 more of primary care practitioners.  The lack of nurses within the state is not the only problem in Arizona at this time because even nurse educators are also wanted.  Because of the lack of nurse educators, around 562 students who would have wanted to pursue nursing are refused to enter the nursing program.  Given this condition, the shortage of nurses in Arizona cannot be addressed if nurse educators have insufficient number as well.

Along with the shortage of nurses, only around 7.4% are APRN or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, and another fact in the state of Arizona is that nurses with the highest levels of education get the chance to have the best job offers.  The expected amount of salary for a Registered Nurse in the state of Arizona is about $67,449 which is really not a good number because it falls below the supposed national average.  Salaries are based as well on the nurse’s specialization as well as the location of his or her work, and in Arizona, it is known that Phoenix is one of the finest cities in the state to be a Registered Nurse in because the salaries of nurses are better there than in other cities in the state.

To get a better chance to obtain higher salary, it is recommended to get a higher degree as well.  A master’s degree is actually more preferred by employers.  Employees though with only a bachelor’s degree are sometimes sponsored by their employers so they can have the chance to further their education and have the opportunity to get a better salary.

In Arizona, other health care practitioners are very much wanted as well aside from nurses and nurse educators such as occupational health, burns, oncology, adult or geriatric, obstetrics, hospices, home care, recovery and also psychiatry.

There are some pretty good schools in Arizona where students can take up a program in nursing, and these are:

  1. Kaplan University
13610 North Black Canyon Highway Ste 104
Phoenix, AZ 85029, United States

Kaplan University has provided a lot of good opportunities to the nurses to advance their careers in nursing.  This university is also composed of very well- credentialed practitioners to teach Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master’s of Science in Nursing as well as Doctor of Nursing.  Kaplan University offers programs that are flexible enough so it can also cater to the working nurses who are juggling their time between their jobs and their families.

What is great about being associated with Kaplan University is that its staff, as well as its programs and its professional tie- ups are all there to help the student pursue both their academic as well as professional goals.  Students can also expect that with Kaplan University, his or her skills and knowledge will be kept up to date to remain abreast with the current needs and trends in the nursing industry.

Being updated is definitely important as modern nursing is gaining progress in terms of technology, treatments and of course research.  Nursing is certainly one exciting field because of its diversity in career opportunities like patient care, administration and even teaching.

  1. University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix
1625 W. Fountainhead Pkwy
Tempe, AZ 85282-2371

The University of Phoenix was established in 1976 and since then has been committed to provide the educational needs of the students who are also working while studying.  Education is here is definitely accessible because they do not only offer learning in their physical campus, but at the same time students can also opt to study online.  Since the programs are designed for working students, classes are flexible and are tailored to suit the schedule of the student.

Students of the University of Phoenix are also given the chance to interact with their fellow students through small and interactive classes and also a personalized student support.  In order to enter the University of Phoenix, students must have graduated from High School or at least have completed GED.

University of Phoenix is known to be the foremost provider of nursing education in the state of Arizona, and students can also expect to receive high quality education.  Getting either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree is certainly made easy at the University of Phoenix because students can get them while working around their schedule.

The degree programs in this university are also constantly updated to meet the requirements of the state.  In this university, around 2,600 faculty are licensed nurses who are active health care professionals and are all experts in the field.

  1. Azusa Pacific University
Azusa Pacific University
901 E. Alosta Ave.,
PO Box 7000 Azusa, CA 91702-7000

Aside from the already mentioned universities, there are other more choices of schools within the state of Arizona, and another good university that offers programs in nursing is the Azusa Pacific University.  This university offers certificates as well as degree programs that are all Christ- centered which will definitely provide a more holistic approach to the student’s development.  The Azusa Pacific University will certainly not fail in providing the students the necessary skills and professional knowledge.

In this university students can choose from a variety of programs such as health sciences, leadership, management, liberal studies or applied psychology.  Aside from quality education, students can expect as well to get several support services that include academic support and libraries.  Azusa Pacific University also has a Career and Vocation Center to give assistance to the student’s professional need.

This university provides groundbreaking programs and is comprised of highly professional and well- credentialed faculty to ensure that students are getting the right education.  In Azusa Pacific University, students are encouraged to join discussions that will be challenging for them, and at the same time this university also offers mentoring relationships in small classroom environments.  What makes this university even more amazing is that it allows the students to experience hands- on trainings that will definitely help them when they go out in the real world.

Azusa Pacific University also has the most modern art simulation laboratories and has a dynamic environment that is culturally diverse.  What this university aims to develop more than having students with good skills and the right knowledge are compassionate healers, as well as strategic thinkers.

  1. Capella University
Capella Tower
225 South 6th Street, 9th Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Another option where students can get a degree in nursing is the Capella University which is a recognized online university so this then means that it also offers flexibility in terms of schedule.  This university offers other programs as well such as business, health care, higher education, human resources, information technology, mental health, K-12 education, public safety, public administration, social work and public service leadership among many others.

Capella University associates with various employers as well as notable professional organizations that enables them to develop programs in nursing that are at par with the current standard in the industry.  The programs in this university are developed around real world applications to make sure that the skills and the knowledge of the students create a significant effect.  Because of this clinics, hospitals and other health care centers trust this university to create significant curriculum.

  1. Grand Canyon University
3300 West Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85017 – 602-639-7500

Grand Canyon University was founded in 1949 and is a private Christian university.  This university provides the best programs online.  Aside from online education, this university also offers campus based degree programs.  Grand Canyon University is also known to give the best health care education for about 25 years.




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