The Best Nursing Schools in Alaska

Like many parts of the United States, Alaska is also going through a concern with regards to the lack of nurses in the area.  Shortage in nurses is definitely a big concern because health care is being sacrificed.  Some factors cause the lack of nurses in Alaska, and one of which is another reality that there is not enough nurse educators to train the next generation of nurses.  Another reason could be that within the state, there is only one AACN Accredited school which certainly causes delay in terms of admitting students to nursing schools.

Nurses are without a doubt highly essential in a community because every area needs health care practitioners to answer to the medical needs of the patients especially when the population of the place such as in Alaska is aging.  There is a need a great need for nurses in Alaska at this time because aside from its aging population, the present members of the work force are also almost passing to their retirement age thus the need for the younger batch of nurses.  The Affordable Care Act which encourages members of the community to avail health care services is also one of the reasons why there is a pressure to have more nurses.  More than these factors, the need for nurses is also because of the fact that there is another growing concern in Alaska which is alcoholism that certainly poses so many health problems.  Because of this, nurses whose specialization is addictive behavior are certainly most wanted.

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Because of the lack of nurses and health care practitioners, there is an effort within the state of Alaska that encourages people to give priority to both home and community care rather than availing of hospital care.  This drive is also an effort that lets people shorten their hospital stay because of lack of nurses to attend to patients.  In Alaska, a number of scholarship programs are being offered to the students who are interested to pursue nursing, and the average amount of salary for Registered Nurses within the state is about $74,970.

When planning to be a nurse in Alaska, the best areas to work because of good salary are Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Palmer, Sitka and Wasilla.  There are some best schools in Alaska where students who are intending to pursue nursing can very well have their degree in nursing.  Some of these well- recommended universities are the following:

  1. University of Alaska Anchorage
3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850
Atlanta, Georgia 30326

The University of Alaska Anchorage is a medium sized public college and aside from programs in nursing, it offers other different programs and courses as well.  This university is located in Anchorage, Alaska and was established in 1954.  It offers various degrees from an associate’s, a bachelor’s up to a master’s degree which is available only in four of its nursing programs.  More than these degrees, University of Alaska Anchorage has certificate programs as well.

The tuition for one whole academic year is pretty expensive which amounts to approximately $21,000, but it depends on the course or the program of the student.  While the education is definitely high quality, the area where this university is located is somewhat not safe and has actually a poor evaluation when it comes to campus crimes.  But aside from safety, University of Alaska Anchorage places 347th in the entire United States and is considered as the best university in the state of Alaska.

  1. AVTEC Alaska Institute of Technology
1251 Muldoon Road ~ Suite 103
Anchorage, Alaska 99504

If the student is looking for a more modest type of academic institution, there is the AVTEC Alaska Institute of Technology which is a relatively small public college that centers on a few programs in nursing.  This institution is situated in Seward, Alaska and has been open to students since it began in 1970.  AVTEC Alaska Institute of Technology offers certificates in two of its nursing programs.  It can be mentioned that this school is humble, and what makes it even more appealing to both parents as well as the students is that it is located in a safe environment, so when you enroll in AVTEC Alaska Institute of Technology, personal safety is definitely the least of your worries.  This institution ranks 1,055 in the whole of the United States and is the second best school in the state of Alaska.

  1. University of Alaska Fairbanks
UAF Community and Technical College
604 Barnette Street, room 422
Fairbanks, Alaska, 99701

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is another small public college that can be found in Fairbanks, Alaska.  This university is another best one within the state of Alaska where students who would like to get a degree in nursing can definitely obtain quality education.  The University of Alaska Fairbanks was founded in the year 1917 which makes it perhaps one of the oldest universities in Alaska.

This university offers certificates in two of its nursing programs, and is somewhat expensive where the average tuition fee for one academic year costs about $21,000.  The tuition depends on the program or the course of the student.  The University of Alaska Fairbanks definitely provides quality education, but the concern with this university is its location which is not safe.

In the entire United States, the University of Alaska Fairbanks ranks 1,994 and is the third best university in the state of Alaska.

  1. University of Alaska Southeast
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK99508

Students who would like to pursue a degree in nursing certainly have so many choices of schools in Alaska.  Another university that is worth taking a good look at is the University of Alaska Southeast which is a small public college.  This university which was founded in 1972 can be found in Juneau, Alaska.  The University of Alaska Southeast offers both certificates and associate’s degrees in Registered Nurse.

This university can actually be a good choice of school because aside from the quality of education that students can expect, the area where University of Alaska Southeast is situated is definitely safe for the students and so is a conducive environment for learning.  Perhaps the only concern with this university is if you have a limited budget because the tuition fee is relatively costly.  Depending on the student’s major, the average tuition fee for one year at the University of Alaska Southeast is roughly around $21,000.

This university places 2,020 among the school rankings in the entire United States and belongs to the top 5 schools within the state of Alaska.

  1. Ilisagvik College
100 Stevenson Street
PO Box 749
Barrow, Alaska 99723

Another school where students of nursing can expect to have quality education is one that is modest and unassuming.  This institution is called Ilisagvik College which is a very small public college that is only about 19 years old as it was built in 1996.  This college can be found in Barrow, Alaska and is offering certificates for the following programs such as Nursing Assistant, Nursing Aide and also Patient Care Assistant.

Ilisagvik College is definitely very affordable because the average tuition fee for one whole academic year is only $5,000.  This college can certainly be a good choice because aside from quality education and cheap tuition fee, the area where Ilisagvik College is located is considered safe so it is definitely good news for both the students and the parents because the overall well- being of the student is also considered.

When it comes to the school ranking in the entire United States, Ilisagvik College is on the 2,456th spot and is one of the top 5 schools that can be found in the state of Alaska.

These are only the top 5 best schools in Alaska which are mentioned based on their overall ranking.  These schools are known to provide good quality of education and have programs that definitely caters to the academic needs of the students.  Some universities or colleges are situated in good locations while others are in somewhat dangerous areas; and some institutions have pretty high tuition fees while others are highly affordable.  Given these factors, students are given a wide range of choices to choose from.

It is fortunate that there are a lot of good schools that offer nursing programs in the state of Alaska because it can certainly be a way to help this state solve their concern regarding the lack of nurses in Alaska.  It is definitely important that all efforts must be made to entice and encourage students to pursue a degree in nursing and follow a nursing career so that shortage of nurses may be addressed sooner than later.  Because the population in Alaska is aging, along with other health concerns, the need for a health care practitioner such as a nurse is definitely most wanted because of the growing need for health care workers.

It is also very necessary that more students take up a career in nursing since the current line- up of nurses in Alaska is also approaching their retirement age, so thus the need to have new and young blood of nurses.  This is definitely essential for the next generation. To have more nurses is always good news because it means that health care will not be sacrificed and more people given attention to.

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