Young Women’s Alliance Higher Education Scholarship

A certain scholarship grant was specifically established for the female students who are in need of financial support to fund their studies. This scholarship program called Young Women’s Alliance Higher Education Scholarship was founded by Young Women’s Alliance in 1997.

Young Women’s Alliance Higher Education Scholarship has an objective which is to provide empowerment to the future female leaders by offering them scholarship supports so they can continue with their education and lead them towards achieving their dreams and ambitions.

This scholarship grant also gives awards to the associations that serve the women. By extending support to the female gender, both women and girls, and more than giving them the inspiration to become future leaders, they are in the same way encouraged to share their talents, skills and expertise as well in their very own chosen fields to other people.

Young Women’s Alliance Higher Education Scholarship is offered to women who are currently enrolled in a graduate school, and is offered as well to those in their junior or senior year of college. Like any other scholarship programs, this particular scholarship grant has certain requirements that a candidate must meet in order to be considered qualified to apply. Part of the requirement is that she must display the need for a financial aid. Another is that she must have active involvement in the community and at the same time must possess leadership characteristics. Last but not the least is that she must have an excellent academic standing.

The awards are distributed for use either in the fall or spring semester.

Length: 1
Deadline: 31-Mar
Gender: Female
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