Willard & Marjorie Scheibe

Those students of Rhode Island nursing schools who are taking up any of the following courses in Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse or any post graduate Nursing course are allowed to apply for this particular scholarship. This can be seen as a financial help for students undergoing financial difficulty.

To this day, the Foundation has given out 150 funds in fellowship and scholarship forms. This is mainly because of the generous hearts of Rhode Island supporters. There are scholarships aimed at students who range from middle school up to those who are enrolled in post-graduate. Students who also participate in community service in Rhode Island and other areas of studies are allowed to apply.

A Foundation composed questionnaire must be filed out by the applicants. This is meant to help the applicant apply for the right scholarship grant. An important notice is that schools and other organizations also offer scholarships that might fit the applicant as well.

Included in the Scholarship/Fellowship Opportunities are grants offered by accredited schools and by the Foundation itself.

Deadline: Apr 19
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