Washington State Nurses Foundation

The Washington State Nurses Foundation first began in 1982 with a goal that is to generate and foster financial resources in order to support its mission which is to have advancement in some areas of the nursing field such as clinical, literary, scientific and education. All the assets gained by the Washington State Nurses Foundation are intended to be allotted for the projects as well as all the other activities that are geared to support nursing as well as its role in the health care community.

The Washington State Nurses Foundation was established to offer financial assistance to the students who are planning to have a career in nursing and are in need of financial resources to help them continue their education in this field. Part of the requirement for this scholarship program is that the student of nursing must be enrolled in an approved program that will lead him or her to an associate or baccalaureate nursing degree in the state of Washington. Another requirement is that the student must have accomplished a minimum of 12 nursing credits in order to be considered eligible for the scholarship of Washington State Nurses Foundation.

The most deserving students will be chosen to become the recipients of this program’s scholarship award, and the lucky recipients may expect to receive the amount of $1,000 worth of award. Nursing students who are from the state of Washington and who have the required criteria set by the Washington State Nurses Foundation must take their chance in this great opportunity.

Amount: $1,000
GPA: 3.0
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