Walter and Marie Schmidt Scholarships

There are several types of scholarship program all over the world, and while each has a different objective as well as different sets of requirements, all of these scholarship programs has one goal, and that is to provide financial support to the most deserving students who does not have enough financial means to pursue their education. These scholarship programs have given much hope and encouragement to these kinds of students thus allowing them to fulfill their dreams and make some significant contributions in their chosen field.

One example of a scholarship grant is the Walter and Marie Schmidt Scholarships. This scholarship program was specifically established to give support to the students who are residents of the state of Oregon and are taking up any program that will lead them to become registered nurses. More than getting a degree in the field of nursing, the candidate must also be committed in getting a career in geriatric health care.

Walter and Marie Schmidt Scholarships provide an amount of $900 of financial assistance to its lucky recipients, and those who wish to take advantage of this great opportunity must turn in their application for scholarship on or before its actual deadline which is on March 1.

Aside from the given requirements that are already mentioned, Walter and Marie Schmidt Scholarships also bans the participation of the employees of US Bankcorp including their children as well as their relatives. This has a specific restriction in order to be fair to all the candidates who are all well- qualified and deserving to win the award.

Amount: $900 to $900
Deadline: 1-Mar
Other Req: RESIDES IN OR state, ADDITIONAL RESTRICTIONS: U.S. Bankcorp employees, their children, or near relatives are not eligible.
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