Veterans Affair Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

Giving assistance to a student’s education can come in a different form such that of a fellowship program. The Veterans Affair Post- Doctoral Fellowship Program aims to offer support for the education of nurses who are in their doctoral level. Aside from this, this fellowship program also wishes to provide assistance to the research development of these nurses who are pursuing a doctorate degree.

While under the Veterans Affair Post- Doctoral Fellowship Program, the fellow can expect to obtain a highly profound training in different areas of research that includes methodology as well as techniques. It will also enable the fellow to get a first- hand research experience at a Veterans Affairs facility which will be conducted by a reputable investigator.

This fellowship program that is offered by Veterans Affair Post- Doctoral Fellowship Program can be completed within the period of two years if it will be taken full time, and 3 years if part time. This fellowship program requires that the focus of the applicant’s research will be of great significance to the care of veterans.

Veterans Affairs Post- Doctoral Fellowship Program encourages its fellows as well to work in the Veterans Affairs after the fellow has completed his or her education. This is simply an option though and not a strict requirement unlike other programs that really require its recipients to make a commitment after graduation.

This fellowship program provides up to $5,000 of financial assistance to tis fellows. For more inquiries or information, interested applicants may look up the website

Amount: up to $50000
Website: Visit Website