VDH Mary Marshall Nursing Scholarship

A scholarship program is designed to help nursing students who are experiencing financial difficulties at the present time. The name of the scholarship is the VDH Mary Marshall Nursing Scholarship. It is intended for those nursing students taking up their course in Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse programs. All awardees must be certified residents of the state of Virginia.

There are some things that need to be clarified before an applicant can be a recipient of the scholarship award. The first thing is that these scholarships come in the form of awards and not donations. Second is that the awardees of these scholarship awards need to perform nursing practice within the state of Virginia with an equivalent of one month service for every one-hundred U.S. dollars received from the scholarship.

There are some requirements that interested applicants must first fulfill. First is that the nursing student must be currently enrolled in a nursing school within the state of Virginia. Second is that the applicant must be a certified resident of Virginia for a minimum of a year. Third is that the applicant must show proof of financial difficulty at the present. Lastly, for those Registered Nursing students, they must maintain a Grade Point Average of not lower than 3.0.

Amount: $1200
Deadline: May 1
GPA: 3.0
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