Valere Potter Scholarship Fund

The Valere Potter Scholarship Fund was founded at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. This scholarship award is given every year to 2nd year bridge students who have excellent academic standing, and yet are experiencing some financial difficulties. The Valere Potter Scholarship Fund is around to provide financial assistance to these kinds of students who are certainly exceptional in academics.

It is a great opportunity for the students who lack the financial resources to complete their education because a scholarship program such as the Valere Potter Scholarship Fund is available to offer financial help so these students may complete their education and later on be able to shine and share their talents and skills to their chosen field of expertise.

For more information about Valere Potter Scholarship Fund, interested candidates may check out their website which is

This scholarship program’s physical address is at 461 21st Ave. South- Nashville 37240 with the following contact numbers 615 322 3800 and 888 322 3800. Candidates who wish to send a message thru email may write to

Any student who is able to maintain an excellent academic performance but is in need of a financial support may try submitting an application for scholarship to Valere Potter Scholarship Fund so that he or she can simply pursue her education and eventually make a difference herself in the field where he or she can be effective and make a considerable amount of contribution to other people as well.

Scholarship programs are definitely great help to the students because they are more inspired and encouraged to study knowing that someone is out there to assist them.

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