US Premium Garcinia Cambogia Scholarship

The US Premium Garcinia Cambogia Scholarship was founded to respond to the financial need of students who have financial concerns which hinders them from continuing their education. Through this scholarship program, high school and college students who are citizens of the United States are given the chance to finish their studies and get them closer to their dreams.

Part of the qualification for the US Premium Garcinia Cambogia Scholarship is that the student must have a grade point average with a minimum of 3.0, and that he or she must pursue a degree in either health, fitness or nutrition. This scholarship grant is awarded by the US Premium Health, LLC, and it offers the amount of $500 to its most worthy recipients. The scholarship award is non- renewable and two recipients are chosen by this program each year.

Students who possess the necessary credentials and are eligible to apply for the US Premium Garcinia Cambogia Scholarship may avail of the application from the US Premium Garcinia Cambogia website. For the application to be considered valid, the potential candidate is required to submit a completed application as well as an acceptance letter from the program where he or she is enrolled, a copy of the applicant’s class schedule and also an essay that must have a minimum of 500 words that discusses his or her thoughts on the topics listed in the application.

Candidates who deserve to have a chance with this scholarship program must submit all the necessary requirements on or before the deadline.

Amount: $500
GPA: 3.0
Website: Visit Website