Unity Health System Opportunities for Operating Room Nurses

The Unity Health System of New York is offering internship, residency and scholarship programs aimed at helping nursing students in the field of perioperative care. Post graduate students may apply for the perioperative residency that runs for a total of eight months. This will cover actual application and classroom training. The 16th of May is the deadline for applications.

The residency program is offered every summer and the deadline for applications is on the 15th of February. A total of six successful applicants will be selected for the Unity high nursing scholarship. This program is aimed at helping those who are interested in taking up courses in nursing. Each successful applicant will be awarded one-thousand U.S. dollars. The application deadline for the scholarship is not later than the 1st of March. Interested applicants may call (585) 368-3009 or log on to http://www.unityhealth.org/jobs/nursing/students.aspx. They may also send their questions to Unity Health System, Human Resources, Attn: Recruitment Coordinator, 89 Genesee Street, Rochester, NY 14611.

Unity Health System is fully committed to Western New York by rotating and students for the Summer Internship. A recruitment department is available all throughout the school year at these schools to offer information. The System encourages students to gather more information about the program for internship. Applicants will be accepted starting the 1st of January till the 13th of February, 2015.

This program covers practical applications of nursing care with the leadership of a certified Registered nurse. Those who are about to enroll in their senior year of their bachelor or associate degree in nursing may apply for the internship at any Unity Health System Institution. This is a paid for services program that covers all of ten-weeks under strict supervision. This is the perfect program that will develop any successful applicants’ manner of giving nursing care.

This will allow the applicant to participate in developing nursing plans, assessing the patients, various tasks for nursing care, be in constant communication with doctors and other care members.

All applicants will be supervised by a supervisor. This will allow the successful applicants on how the best nurses do their jobs well. This also allows the applicant exposure in the departments where higher levels of nursing care are practiced like the ICU, surgical unit, ER, birthing department, out-patient department, operating rooms, brain injury department, and acute care departments. The exposure to these different departments will certainly help mold the applicant to do her best in any field of nursing.

The supervisor will gladly work with the applicant and educate her on the procedures of each departments nursing care. These supervisors are meticulously qualified for the job at hand based on their experience and educational attainment. One requirement in selecting these supervisors for internship is that they must be interested in teaching those in the internship program.

There are some requirements that applicants must fulfill for the summer internship program. These are; the commitment to spend 24 hours in a week for the next ten weeks in the program and must maintain an Grade Point Average of not less than 3.0. Applications must be submitted early as there are only limited slots available. An essay stating the reasons why the applicant has chosen nursing must be emailed to max.powell@rochesterregional.org.

Amount: $1,000
GPA: 3.0
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