United Realty Students

A privately held real estate investment and advisory firm known as United Realty Partners, LLC has created a scholarship program called United Realty Students in order to make a significant contribution on the lives of students who are unable to continue their education because of the lack of financial resources to fund their studies.

United Realty Partners, LLC sets aside $100,000 each year for the United Realty Students scholarship program. Each recipient is provided a financial assistance of $5,000 to $10,000. One specific requirement that this scholarship grant asks from its candidates is to answer the question: “How Do I Invest in My Future?” Applicants who can write the best essay for this topic will be the recipients of this award.

United Realty Students scholarship program is a continuing plan that happens every 2 months and will end on January 2014. It is really fortunate to have companies such as United Realty Partners, LLC because they find a way to reach out and share their blessings to those who are in need. In this case, the most fortunate recipients are the students who have limited financial resources so now they are given the chance to pursue their education and have a career in their chosen field or industry. When students are encouraged in this way, then we can all expect to see and have very committed people working in their respective fields who can be very passionate towards providing service to others as well because they were shown the same way.

Deadline: Every two months
Gender: No gender requirement
Website: Visit Website