Touchmark Foundation Nursing Scholarship

Touchmark Foundation Nursing Scholarship was created to give financial assistance to the students from different levels specifically those who are keen on pursuing advanced degrees so they can teach later on. This scholarship program is also designed for the students who need financial support and has the intention to collaborate or work with seniors.

Part of the requirement of the Touchmark Foundation Nursing Scholarship is that he or she needs to be presently enrolled in a recognized nursing program. The amount of financial aid that this scholarship grant gives out is up to $1,000 and this award is good for 1 year.

Touchmark Foundation Nursing Scholarship has set a deadline for the submission of applications which is on June 30, so those who wish to take advantage of this wonderful privilege may turn in their application before or on its actual date.

It is truly interesting to know how scholarship programs can simply be unique from each other. More than having different objectives and goals, each of them have varied sets of specific requirements as well. One common thing about them though is that each scholarship grant hopes to make a difference on the life of each recipient as they lead them close to their dreams.

It is true that every scholarship award has some very tough requirements, but this is of course done because the organizations or the founders of the scholarship programs also want to get the best among all the hundreds of applicants who are competing for the award.

Amount: up to $1000
Length: 1 Year
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