Thomas Jordan Doctoral Scholarship

The Thomas Jordan Doctoral Scholarship is a scholarship program that is advocated by Bristol- Myers Squibb Oncology. The name of this program was coined after Thomas Jordan who was a representative on the board of the Oncology Nursing Society Foundation.

The Thomas Jordan Doctoral Scholarship was established to enhance oncology nursing by supporting the Registered Nurses by means of a financial assistance so they can pursue their education. Part of the requirement for this scholarship award is that the candidate must be a Registered Nurse (RN) and is dedicated to oncology nursing.

Another requirement of Thomas Jordan Doctoral Scholarship is that the candidate must be presently enrolled or is applying to a doctoral degree in nursing or any related field. The amount of financial assistance that this scholarship program provides is $3,000.

Registered Nurses who are committed to serve in oncology nursing now have the chance to complete their education and provide better service to those who are needing one, and in the same way can offer some crucial contributions in this field later on.

Thomas Jordan Doctoral Scholarship’s deadline for the submission of applications is set on February 1, so Registered Nurses who possess the necessary qualifications may submit their application for scholarship before or on its actual deadline.

Having this kind of scholarship program is definitely one noble effort because it focuses on a certain aspect which is oncology nursing. Having this can inspire more Registered Nurses to commit to this area and therefore more nurses will be able to serve in this specialized field.

Amount: $3,000
Deadline: 1-Feb
Other Req: Must be an RN.
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