Thomas Edison State College Nursing Scholarships

Scholarships are around to ensure that every deserving student is given the proper assistance that he or she needs so that she can complete her education. There are various types of scholarship programs and each definitely has its own set of very specific requirements. Scholarship programs are being established so that the students who possess the necessary credentials and has the capacity to make significant contributions but are limited because of the lack of financial resources are provided with financial support so she can complete her education and pursue her dreams.

The Thomas Edison State College Nursing Scholarships is one of the scholarship programs whose objective is to offer financial aid to the students of nursing who need one. This scholarship grant has some great features, and one of which is that it is open to everyone, meaning it is not biased on any religion, race, group of ethnicity, gender and even sexual orientation, also age, socio-economic status and marital status as well as disability.

But while it does not discriminate against the factors already mentioned, it definitely requires that the candidate is able to maintain a good academic standing, so then the candidate must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. It is certainly important that the applicant has a good academic standing in order to qualify, to ensure that the recipient is truly the one who is most deserving.

The deadline set for the submission of application for Thomas Edison State College Nursing Scholarships is on July 31.

Deadline: July 31, annually
GPA: 3.0 or higher
Other Req: AFFILIATIONS: Thomas Edison State College, RESIDES IN NJ state
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