The Robert H. and Elizabeth H. Collins Scholarship Endowment

Nursing students who have high intentions in working with patients suffering from dementia either in homes or hospitals can now receive financial help in the form of the Robert H. and Elizabeth H. Collins Scholarship Endowment.

The applicants for this scholarship endowment must be students in a nursing course who are planning to focus on dementia care.

The main purpose why this scholarship endowment was created is to provide financial support to those taking up a course in Certified Nursing Assistant who are experiencing financial difficulties. This includes those who already have taken up further training so they can be allowed to administer medical services to the residents of Mecklenburg County with dementia.

The applicants must fulfill a requirement that he or she must be employed in an institution providing patients nursing care in dementia.

The Foundation of the Carolina’s is the governing group and administering entity of the Robert H. and Elizabeth Collins Scholarship Endowment. The scholarship is given as a source of aid for those enrolled in Certified Nursing Assistant course counting in those who have received further training so they can help administer medical treatments to local patients who are suffering from dementia. Full time employees from different institutions have to practice care for dementia patients within the Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

Selection of the awardees will depend on the Board of Directors of the Foundation of the America’s and the money is directly sent to the institution that is offering the training. The selection process is not based on ethnicity, race, religious background, sexual preference, gender, nationality and color.

Deadline: April 30
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