The Kentucky Nurses Foundation

The Kentucky Nurses Foundation aims to provide scholarships to the most deserving students who have great potentials to succeed in their chosen field but are prevented from doing so because of lack of financial resources. In order to qualify for this scholarship program, the student is required to be registered in either a pre- licensure program and must have finished at least one semester of nursing course or a post- licensure program such as MSN, NP, DNP and the like.

Candidates who have the necessary credentials and are eligible to apply for The Kentucky Nurses Foundation must be ready with their completed application form together with its other supporting requirements on or before the deadline set by this scholarship program which is on September 1 to the Kentucky Nurses Foundation Research and Scholarship Committee. The said information must contain a one page written description as to the reason for your application and what it means to the applicant if ever chosen as a recipient for the KNF Scholarship. Apart from this, the candidate also needs to submit letters of support of the application by two members of the program, as well as an agreement that is both signed and dated that the recipient agrees to be involved in 1 or 2 choices for forming individuals or groups about the KNF scholarship program between the period of October 2015 and October 2016.

The scholarship awards for The Kentucky Nurses Foundation will be announced at the Kentucky Nurses Association Convention on October 9-10, 2014.

Deadline: September 1st
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