The Greater Kansas City Black Nurses Association

The Greater Kansas City Black Nurses Association was founded in 1994, and the success of this program is made possible by one of its most active contributors since its foundation, and also a charter member, who is Mrs. Mattie J. Eley, RN, BSN, M. Ed. Amazing individuals such as Mrs. Mattie J. Eley are definitely a great blessing to a lot of students because they give so much inspiration thus provide a positive and significant contribution to the students’ personal and academic development.

Mrs. Mattie J. Eley has certainly devoted a great amount of her time in helping provide the needs of the students which includes food, books, encouragement, support and simply being there for them. This remarkable woman is without a doubt a living legacy and at the same time a living proof of how it truly is to be a nurse. Because of her commitment to service as well as to her profession, Mrs. Mattie J. Eley has certainly encouraged and provided motivation to the students whose lives she has touched because of her mere presence and support.

More than what she has already done and what she is still continuing to do for the students, Mrs. Mattie J. Eley is also part of the commitment to promote a better health care in the community. There are so many things that can be said about a person such as Mrs. Mattie J. Eley, and certainly it is all about praise and admiration and perhaps hope that there will be more like her.

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