The Great 100 Scholarship Program

The Great 100 Scholarship program is a scholarship that is aimed to help Licensed Practical Nurses achieve Registered Nurse status and Registered Nurse in their pursuit of higher educational trainings in the field of nursing. These scholarship funds can be used in paying for education in a diploma degree in nursing, a baccalaureate course in nursing, an associate course in nursing or a masteral program in nursing. In return for the scholarship grant, the student must agree and must do at least 2 years of nursing within the state of North Carolina from the time of graduation. This is also open to non-conventional applicants.

This scholarship fund is in line with the Great 100, Inc.’s efforts in trying to extend their help to Registered Nurses wishing to expand their education. Aside from the money that the board members allot for the scholarship funds, the members of the alumni likewise raise funds for the scholarships.The board selects the institution or school to which the funds are to be given in a rotating manner within the state of North Carolina in the PhD, DNP, MSN, BSN and Diploma degrees.

The Great 100 Scholarship Selection committee and BOD select the schools that they intend to give scholarships to, the schools then go through a selection process to establish their recipients. The Great 100 puts great trust in the school during their selection process of their awardees. However, the schools will have to go through a selection requirement guideline that the Great 100 will provide. Another reason why the selection process follows this whole process is that there are not a lot of people who know something regarding The Great 100’s scholarship fund. The monetary value depends on the degree being taken by the awardees.

All of the school’s selected by the Great 100 are required to submit the school’s selected awardees’ records and personal information. The monetary value of the scholarship is directly remitted to the awardee when the completely filled out application form is handed. They must also state their intension of finishing their degree within North Carolina. The latter part of summer is usually the time when checks are sent.

Amount: $1,000
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