The George Snow Scholarship Fund

The regular standard for giving out a scholarship fund supported and raised by the George Snow Scholarship Fund is the financial difficulty experienced by the awardees. Aside from these, there are other aspects perused by the selection committee. These are based on the requirements that the applicant must be able to fulfill.

The first of these requirements is that the applicant must show determination in studying. The next is that the applicant’s career goals must be very well defined. Also, he or she must be participative in community and school activities. Lastly, the applicant must be a graduate of high school from schools located in the counties of North Broward (Pompano HS and Ely HS) or Palm Beach. On top of these is that the applicant must be in financial difficulty.

A lot of the fund are given out to senior high school graduating students who are about to enter their freshman year in college. Applicants are allowed to enroll in universities, colleges and vocational schools in America to take up any course they desire.

Some particular scholarships are designed for students who intend to take up courses in nursing, medicine, pharmacy, engineering, performing arts, visual arts, the culinary arts, photo journalism. Some scholarships are also given out to applicants who are at an eighth Italian, orphans, intend to enroll in technical or vocational schools, or a graduate of Limestone Creek Elementary.

Single parents also have a particular scholarship fund designed for them. Even feminist applicants have a particular scholarship fund made for them. It is called the Feminist Scholarship Program.

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