The Distance Learner MPH Scholarship

The Distance Learner MPH Scholarship is the first scholarship program of the Masters of Public Health that is available both online and on campus. This scholarship program gives out two $1,000 to the most qualified online Masters of Public Health applicants.

The Distance Learner MPH (Masters of Public Health) Scholarship was created to provide financial assistance to the students who are pursuing public health specifically nurses, physicians as well as social workers who are in need of financial support.

The period given for an award is two years, and the deadline set by The Distance Learner MPH Scholarship is on January 15, so the students who are taking up any public health program and has a GPA of no less than 2.8 may submit their application for scholarship on or before its actual deadline.

It is really good news that more and more scholarship programs of various nature and objective are being established because students who lack financial resources to complete their education are given the chance to reach their dream and make significant contributions in their chosen field.

One amazing feature of The Distance Learner MPH Scholarship is that it is online, which is the first for this scholarship grant. This scholarship program is open to male and female students who are in need of financial aid and is not biased on any group of ethnicity, so this means then that the candidate simply has to possess the necessary requirements and they can just submit their application to try out their luck.

Length: Two years
Deadline: January 15th
GPA: 2.8 or higher
Other Req: Military, Disability, International
Website: Visit Website