The Albert E. and Florence W. Newton Fund

Mr. Albert E. Newton who passed away in 1968 included in his will that a scholarship grant is to be founded in honor of him and his wife Florence W. Newton, so thus the birth of the Albert E. and Florence W. Newton Fund. This scholarship program aims to give financial assistance to the students of nursing who are residents of Rhode Island as well.

The Albert E. and Florence W. Newton Fund gives $500 to $2,500 amount of financial support to the fortunate recipients of this scholarship award. This scholarship grant is good for a whole year. April 1 is the deadline for the submission of application for this particular scholarship program.

The Albert E. and Florence W. Newton Fund is open to both men and women students who are taking up a nursing degree and it also does not choose any particular ethnicity so it is definitely available to every qualified nursing student, but he or she must be a resident of Rhode Island as this scholarship grant is really meant for them.

To have a scholarship program such as this one is truly a very noble effort because resources are shared to promote a common good. The residents of Rhode Island who are students of nursing must be very grateful to Mr. Albert E. Newton for this kind of opportunity that he has left for them. Now these nursing students who lack the needed funds to complete their education can simply focus on their studies because financial support is already bestowed.

Amount: $500-$2,500
Length: 1 year
Deadline: 1-Apr
Other Req: RESIDES IN RI state
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