Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship

The Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship is an effort by Digital Responsibility. This group has created this scholarship program with an objective to create awareness on the young people with regards to the impact of technology whether personal or public. The Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship hopes for the students to recognize the damaging consequences of technology when there is too much exposure to it.

Availing of this scholarship grant is very accessible because the application can simply be done online. All the applicant has to do is to complete the application form that contains a 140 word message regarding technology addiction which can be found online. The Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship chooses the best 10 contenders and will be required to write a 500- 1k word essay about the topic technology addiction.

The winner as well as the runner up is chosen based on certain criteria such as about content and also creativity of the essay. Only those application that are submitted online will be entertained, so those who are interested to take advantage of this opportunity simply has to go online to fill up the application form.

The Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship is given every year on the 30th of January so every student who wishes to take part of this chance may try their luck on or before its set deadline. What is even more amazing about this scholarship program is that it is not biased on any gender or group of ethnicity therefore giving every student an equal chance.

Deadline: January 30, annually
Gender: No gender requirement
Website: Visit Website