Spina Bifida Association Scholarship Fund

Spina Bifida is a disorder that is inborn. This condition happens when the embryonic neural tube fails to close completely. It is great news for those who have Spina Bifida because a certain scholarship program called Spina Bifida Association Scholarship Fund was set up to give financial assistance to those who have this kind of condition.

Founded in 1988, the Spina Bifida Association Scholarship Fund has higher aims aside from providing financial aid, and that is to improve the opportunities of those people with Spina Bifida to reach their utmost potential by achieving higher education.

The Spina Bifida Association Scholarship Fund provides 3 various scholarship grants for the students with this kind of condition. This scholarship program offers up to $5,000 worth of financial assistance, and the deadline for the submission of application for the Spina Bifida Association Scholarship Fund is set on March 1. Interested applicants with Spina Bifida may turn in their application on or before its given deadline.

It is really wonderful news to hear about this kind of effort because people with certain types of disorder are given the chance to make their lives more meaningful and purposeful as they are given the opportunity to pursue higher educationwhich means that they can have the potential to achieve some more.

The presence of the different scholarship programs is definitely something that makes significant help to provide financial assistance to the students who are in need of financial help but are so willing to complete their education and reach their dreams.

Amount: up to $5000
Deadline: 1-Mar
Website: Visit Website