Southwest Washington Medical Center General Health Career Scholarships

Those graduating students from high school and have been accepted into their college where they applied are eligible to apply for a scholarship award provided that they are experiencing financial difficulties. The same goes to college students who are returning to school. The scholarship is called the Southwest Washington Medical Center General Health Career Scholarships. The scholarship grants are all open to the two types of students who are residents of either Skamania or Clark counties.

The scholarship funds are garnered from fundings through sales generated by a couple of gift stores located inside the school. The Southwest Scholarship Committee decides on how many applicants will be given awards every year. This number will be based on the total funds raised from the two stores. Another thing that the committee looks into is the records presented by the applicants. The monetary values of the scholarships given out are from a minimum of five-hundred U.S. dollars to a maximum of five-thousand U.S. dollars per scholar. All these scholarship grants are renewable depending on the student but are also subject to the approval of the selection committee.

Successful applicants must be enrolled in degrees covering health care courses whether in a post graduate program or in collegiate degree course.

Amount: $500 to $5,000
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