Shirley E. Cooke Health Services Award

The College Bound Foundation provides the scholarship award for a program designed to offer financial support to the students who are in need of financial aid to help them fund their education. This program is called Shirley E. Cooke Health Services Award. Students who are qualified to apply for this scholarship program are those who are senior high school students who reside in Baltimore, Maryland.

Also part of the qualification for the Shirley E. Cooke Health Services Award is that the candidate needs to be pursuing a higher education in nursing, and that he or she must maintain a grade point average with a minimum of 2.75. Recipients for this award can expect to receive the amount of $1,000 which is renewable for a maximum of 3 years. Two recipients are selected by this scholarship grant each year.

Students who are eligible to make an application for the Shirley E. Cooke Health Services Award may obtain the application from the website of College Bound Foundation, and that applications may only be accessed through the STARS online portal. Apart from the completed application, other supporting documents are required to be submitted by this scholarship program such as two letters of recommendation, acceptance letter from the institution where the student will be studying, a typed essay that answers the topic listed in the application and also a transcript of records is also needed for submission. Another requirement that the candidate needs to submit is a verification of the applicant’s community service.

Applications must be submitted before the set deadline.

Amount: $1,000
Deadline: March 01
GPA: 2.75
Website: Visit Website