SFCC Thomas P. Clinard Nursing Scholarship

The SFCC Thomas P. Clinard Nursing Scholarship was established to offer financial assistance to the students who demonstrate financial need in order for them to continue with their studies and eventually land on the degree of their choice. This scholarship grant is available to the students who are citizens of the United States who are either presently enrolled or at least planning to enroll full time in a nursing program at the SFCC (South Florida Community College).

For the student to be considered eligible to apply for the SFCC Thomas P. Clinard Nursing Scholarship, the applicant needs to be a resident of the SFCC service area, and if ever the applicant is selected to be a recipient of this scholarship program, he or she must agree to be employed at the Highlands County after graduation. This scholarship grant is awarded by the South Florida Community College (SFCC). The amount of scholarship award that this program provides vary as well as the number of recipients chosen each year.

Interested applicants who are qualified to apply for the SFCC Thomas P. Clinard Nursing Scholarship may get the application from the SFCC website, and candidates are also required to apply for a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). More than the completed application, other supporting documents are asked from the applicant as well such as a transcript of record and the like.

Those who would like to be considered must submit the application and the other documents on or before the deadline. For fall semester, the deadline is on June 15; while for spring semester, deadline is on October 15 and for the summer semester, March 15.

Amount: $2,600
Deadline: June 15
Website: Visit Website