Sequoyah Graduate Fellowship

The Sequoyah Graduate Fellowship was founded by the Association on American Indian Affairs. This scholarship grant was established to give financial assistance to the American Indian and Alaskan Native students who are studying full time and are currently on their way to getting a graduate degree.

As part of the qualifications for the Sequoyah Graduate Fellowship, the potential candidate is required to submit a proof or evidence that he or she has at least ΒΌ Indian blood from a tribe that is officially recognized by the state.

The Sequoyah Graduate Fellowship offers an amount of $1,500 worth of financial assistance, and the duration of this scholarship program is good for the whole year. For the American Indian and Alaskan Native students who wish to take their chance on this scholarship program may submit their application on or before its given deadline which is on July 1.

The Sequoyah Graduate Fellowship again is open only to Native American students. For those who are qualified for this program and wishes to know more or get the most recent update may check its website which is at

This scholarship program has an office which is located at 966 Hungerford Dr., Suite 12- B Rockville (20850). To have a scholarship program such as the Sequoyah Graduate Fellowship is definitely a great effort because it gives support to the Native American students thus giving them the chance to have an equal opportunity with the other members of the society. This way, these students can also show their potentials and share their skills and talents.

Amount: $1,500
Length: 1 year
Deadline: 1-Jul
Ethnicity: Native American
Website: Visit Website