Scholarships for Pagans

The Scholarships for Pagans is available to the students who are pagans or are called earth centered religionists. Students with financial concern but has great potential to succeed both academically and professionally are welcome to apply for the Carolina Spirit Quest Pagan College Scholarship as long as they meet the necessary criteria that will enable them to be qualified for the program.

This scholarship program is open to the pagan students who reside in the areas of South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia or District of Columbia, and in order to qualify for the program, the student must be at least 17 years old, and that he or she must be studying full time at an approved school of nursing. Other fields are also welcome.

The fortunate recipient will receive the scholarship award that amounts to $500, and part of the qualification for the Scholarships for Pagans is that the applicant needs to submit an essay with at least 500 words that discusses what being a pagan means to them, and in that essay, with a maximum of 100 words, the applicant needs to mention why he or she is applying for a scholarship.

Students who want to get further information about Scholarships for Pagans are encouraged to ask the Carolina Spirit Quest, Pagan College Scholarships, P. O. Box 61335, Durham, North Carolina 27715- 1335. Interested applicants may also check out

Because of this scholarship program, pagan students are given the chance as well to have an opportunity to continue their education and achieve their dreams.

Amount: $500
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