Rush University Gerontological Nursing Scholarships

Nursing students who are enrolled in the PhD degree of Rush University and are focused on studying gerontological nursing care or the care of aged patients can now apply for the Mary S. Oakley Gerontological Nursing Research and Scholarship Award. The selection process will be based on the students’ financial position, resources for scholarships, performance in school and work. All awardees must agree to being a role model of giving care to elderly patients as well as doing research work for gerontological nursing care. Visit the Rush University website to gather more information.

Applicants interested in applying for this particular scholarship must apply for financial aid at the Financial Aid Office of the University. The application for financial aid must be done on a yearly basis. Aid forms must be updated every time an application is filled out. Applicants must make sure the forms they are filling out are the correct forms for the school year involved.

The 1st of March is the deadline for the submission of application forms for the scholarship. This deadline applies to both currently enrolled and about to enroll students of the Nursing School. The financial aid will be made available to the applicant after the deadline date. However, there is no guarantee that an award will be given to applicants applying beyond the deadline.

New students of the nursing school about to enter school in the fall should submit their applications at the very least two months before the course starts. This will allow enough time to process the application.

The applicants are advised to facilitate their application for financial aid before they even gather news on their admission. However the aid application will only be processed after they have successfully gotten through admission.

The financial aid forms can be obtained from the link supplied.

The Graduate Nurse Projected Enrollment Form is only given to non-GEM students of nursing. The applicant must write down their enrollment plans in full details for the school year.

The Aid Application for the Institution.

Federal Student Aid is a free application that has to have Rush University’s code (009800) written down by the applicant in the school segment of the application form.

The Parent Information Form is an Optional form to be filled out by undergraduate students who are on their own as well as post graduate students who live on their own. Applicants who have applied for financial aid must look into Rush University’s Parent Policy before the take any option on this form. The parents’ financial position and demographics must be stated in the parent sector in the FAFSA of the student for consideration.

For other documents and information, an email will be sent to the student involved.

Once the application forms are all submitted, the Student Financial Aid Office will then peruse through every vital information and supporting document available. A successful applicant will get an email from the Financial Aid Office prompting them to obtain the Rush University Connected Website for the necessary steps to take and look into the award given to them. There may be more forms to complete depending on the scholarship they are awarded. Additional details will be sent to the applicant via the information on the award part of the aid.

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