Roberta Pierce Scofield Doctoral Scholarship

The Roberta Pierce Scofield Doctoral Scholarship was established to give honor to Roberta Pierce Scofield who in her lifetime was a nurse who served in oncology nursing. She was the first president of the Oncology Nursing Certificate Corp. Roberta Pierce Scofield succumbed to cancer in 1988.

The objective of this scholarship grant is to enhance oncology nursing by way of giving assistance and support to the Registered Nurses to complete their education. In order to be eligible for Roberta Pierce Scofield Doctoral Scholarship, interested applicants must have the necessary qualifications such as being a Registered Nurse who is devoted to oncology nursing. Also, he or she must be enrolled or at least applying to a doctoral level of nursing program.

Roberta Pierce Scofield Doctoral Scholarship gives a financial assistance amounting between $2,000 and $5,000. A deadline is set for the submission of application for this scholarship award, so candidates who wish to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity must file their application on or before February 1.

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This kind of scholarship grant is most certainly very encouraging to the students to take up nursing and specialize in the field of oncology nursing. When more students are inspired to be a part of this specialized area, then there will be more nurses to serve cancer patients. This way then, patients will experience a much better care.

Amount: $2000 to $5000
Deadline: 1-Feb
Website: Visit Website