Robert H. and Elizabeth H. Collins Scholarship

The main goal and aim of the Robert H. and Elizabeth H. Collins Scholarship fund is to help aid those nursing students who are experiencing financial difficulties. The scholarship fund may be used in supporting those Certified Nursing Assistants’ further studying even those who have finished additional education to give permission to assist residents.

There is one requirement that the applicant must fulfill and that is the applicant must employed as a fulltime in an institution that is focused in nursing care for dementia patients. These institutions must be located in the county of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

The Foundation for the Carolinas is the facilitator of the Robert H. and Elizabeth H. Collins Scholarship Endowment. The scholarship helps aid those Certified Nursing Assistants who are pursuing their education but are experiencing financial difficulties. This covers also those who have received advanced educational training and be allowed to administer medications to residents of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County who are suffering from Dementia. These employees must be able to administer care for dementia patients in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County.

The endowments are given out based on the decision on the Board of Directors’ of the Foundation for the Carolina’s and are directly remitted to institution where the training is administered. These endowments are given out without any regard to ethnicity, color of skin, race, gender, sexual preference and religion.

The deadline for the submission of applications is on the 30th of April, 2012. Applications can be sent to Foundation for the Carolina
Attn: Robert H. and Elizabeth H. Collins Scholarship
220 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Deadline: April 30
Website: Visit Website