RN –to- BSN Honor Scholarship

The RN- to- BSN Honor Scholarship was founded specifically for the students who are enrolling for the first time in Jacksonville University’s online RN- to- BSN program. This scholarship program is definitely unique in nature because it gives support to students who will be studying online.

The RN- to- BSN Honor Scholarship program will shoulder 25% of the recipient’s tuition for the program that he or she is enrolled in, and as in any other scholarship grants, this particular scholarship program has its own specific qualifications as well.

One of the requirements that the candidate must possess in order to be eligible for RN- to- BSN Honor Scholarship is that he or she needs to have a good scholastic standing such that he or she must have a GPA of 3.4 or higher upon making an application for this scholarship program; and that the candidate must be able to maintain a grade of at least 3.4 all throughout the duration of his or her studies.

The amount that RN- to- BSN Honor Scholarship offers is worth $3,570. What is nice about this scholarship program is that it is not biased on any group of ethnicity or gender so it is then open to all students of nursing who has the necessary qualifications.

It is good to have this type of scholarship award because every student is given the fair chance to apply for a scholarship, meaning getting a scholarship grant is not only limited to those who are studying in a traditional setting.

Deadline: June 15, annually
GPA: 3.4 or higher
Gender: No gender requirement
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