Renatta S. Loquist Scholarship for Graduate Nursing Education

Another program that offers financial aid to students and is initiated by the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri is the R.E. and Cedelle H. Gillette Scholarship Fund. This scholarship program was created to benefit the undergraduate clinical nursing majors as well as the graduate students. R.E. and Cedelle H. Gillette Scholarship Fund is given every year during the spring semester, but the funds that will be awarded by this scholarship program is good for the following school year.

Like any other scholarship grants, R.E. and Cedelle H. Gillette Scholarship Fund has some specific requirements as well, and one of the requirements is that he or she must have the necessary academic qualifications that the institution requires. For the students whether undergraduate or graduate who wish to know more about the scholarship program may visit its website which is or should they prefer to send an email, they may also write to

Scholarship programs that are offered to give financial assistance to the students of nursing are definitely very encouraging and inspiring to a lot of students thus motivating them to join the field of nursing. When more students take a nursing degree and eventually become nurse practitioners, then the concern with regards to the shortage of nurses will be resolved as well and there will hopefully be enough nurses to give service to those who are in need of medical assistance. With this, we also hope that there will be better nurses too who are committed to give service.

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